January 11, 2016

So, this is what heaven looks like I’m sure.  No… Really, H.E.A.V.E.N. At least I hope so. Just look at the beauty called the Dunmore Hotel & Resort.  I think their design team nailed the look! The entire resort has a sophisticated yet relaxed look to it, one that allows you to exhale but reminds you that you’re somewhere special.  Just look at the dining room shot below, I love the collected treasures and old photographs… they add warmth and patina to an otherwise crisp and  bleached out space.  And, who doesn’t love a stripe?  They are clearly cuckoo for stripes judging from these pictures (pictures that were in fact found on Instagram, I give credit at the bottom for each individual who posted them).



In their own words…

Welcome to The Dunmore, a Harbour Island resort where the exceptional is part of each day. At our Caribbean beach hotel, you’ll experience the profound warmth of our people in a timeless retreat that blends classic elegance with contemporary comforts.

Our resort in the Bahamas overlooks the sea’s spectrum of blues and the celebrated pink sands that are uniquely Harbour Island. Join us at The Dunmore for your Bahamian holiday, and discover why we have been inspiring memories since 1963.

A little bit about the island…

Harbour Island, in the Bahamas, is one of the most celebrated destinations in the Caribbean. On the Atlantic side of the island are the famous pink sand beaches. A three-mile stretch of indescribable beauty, the sand here is truly pink. Sifted and smoothed by generations of waves, the sands are coloured by finely crushed coral. A light rose blush by day, they become a vibrant pink at sunset. With its gentle sands and the ribbons of blue in the sea, it is often called the world’s most beautiful beach.

Beyond the beauty of the beaches is the charm of the island itself. This precious place is a historic destination, dating to 1791 when Lord Dunmore, who had a summer residence here, planned the streets of the town. Today, well-preserved cottages are nestled along the streets where golf carts are now the transportation of choice.

image image image

image image  image

I wanted you to see the folks who captured these great images… follow them on Instagram!



January 22, 2014

photo 2

There are things about living in New England that I like and there are things I dislike, there are also things I love… a Snow Day is one thing I truly LOVE when it comes to living Back East.  It’s a sick day without being sick, it’s an extra day off when your out of vacation time (or saving it up for that warm weather vacation to Tulum like me) and it’s a free pass to blog, bake cookies, cuddle with your fur-babies and stay in your jammies all day!  
photo 1Whats on my agenda? Shoveling is already done, so i looks like I’ll be Facebooking, Instagraming, Blogging and making cookies all day.  Diet be damned, I want Hermits! Fingers crossed I have all the ingredients.  Stay Warm fellow East Coasters!!  the rest of you… send some warm weather our way if you have any to spare.  photo 3
photo 2photo 1Parting glance: here is the view up and down my street.  Plows have been through, and frankly I’ve seen much more snow but I’ll take the day off gladly and appreciate the found time to catch up on things that somehow slip through the cracks and bake a little (and maybe some laundry too).

Happy Snow Day!


October 14, 2013


If you have been following me for 8 months or more then you might remember my love letter to Tulum. I had the pleasure of visiting for the first time last winter and was blown away by the intense natural beauty. The small town is quaint, the people warm and friendly and the food is oh so good ( many local restaurants are a blend of local fare mixed with a hipster ex-pat vibe ) but the beach, oh my god the beach…


Prettiest beach I’ve ever seen, so I’m going back. I like the idea that I know where I’m headed, something exotic yet familiar ( I know where the best coffee is ). Yeah, I could discover another place just as mesmerizing but I’m just not done with Tulum. We stayed at a small resort called Zamas just off the main stretch of beach, in a cottage in the sand just steps to the water. I liked it, the food there was great. But I did long to be on the 7 mile strip of white sand where you can walk forever without climbing over rocks or popping up to the road. So this year we will stay at Ahau Tulum  (all pictures are of Ahau) it’s right in the middle of the prettiest beach ever! I can’t wait.


It’s sort of Gilligan’s Island meets Yucatan jungle. Thatched roofs, romantic – yet necessary – bug nets and of course ocean views out every window. Now I am a pool guy I will admit, but with water that beautiful I think I’ll manage.





We’re Building A Pergola

September 10, 2013


The season may be coming to an end ( sad ) but we are gearing up for Fall planting and the construction of a pergola! at my house now that we have finished a much-needed fence across the back of our property.  We are hoping to keep the project simple but the more I study the construction of these whimsical pavilions, the more I realize that I may need to shell out more for something a bit more than “basic”.  What I really seem to like is a structure with double round columns at the corners.  Double columns means double the materials which adds up to probably double the money AND round columns definitely means more money.


So what that means is I can probably afford something that looks more like pergola in the image above.  Four square posts, no doubling up, simple cross pieces and not too many bells and whistles.  Our plan is to paint any structure white so disregard the finish of the above example.  I think if this is what I end up with I’ll be happy, but I’d be happier if the posts are doubled on the corners because I think the detail adds visual weight, a visual quality and a nice detail.  This is what I imagine it will look like…

707c88cfe30f2aa2a1e5133a81020360This one is elegant, love the extra height and the trellis insert between the posts.  I think I like the idea of the additional sense of enclosure the trellis gives the structure.  And, I think I like the smaller more tightly spaced cross pieces.  I plan on experimenting with the spacing of the cross pieces to get the right amount of shade at the right time of day… those details will need to be discussed with the carpenter including and maybe most importantly, the direction of the cross pieces.


eb202926fc40166479ff3b6b80f0bbbcI pray that my rose, or climbing hydrangea or clematis is half as happy as this rose.

Promise to post before, during and after pics.  Stay tuned.


TULUM a loveletter

April 12, 2013

photo[1] (6)

As most of you know, I grew up in the Bay Area, San Francisco-ish.  Living in such close proximity to Mexico I have had the pleasure of visiting many times and,  just for context – this is not a brag – I have seen the beaches of Hawaii, Thailand, Spain, Italy and the Caribbean and I’m here to tell you that Tulum beach on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula is one of THE prettiest beaches I have ever seen.  No[1] (4)

Of course anywhere you go where your responsibilities don’t follow you is a happy place, a total checkout… But to add to that a warm sunny place with beautiful breezes and a relaxed and kick-back atmosphere surrounded by beauty like this?  Well, I’m sold and frankly ready to buy!  Did I mention the food? Giant fruit salads, yummy coffee (yes all the cafes had soy) and a yoga class within a stones throw starting practically every ten minutes.  The real test for me was the lack of pool.  I’m a pool guy.  In fact I love pools, laying by them, getting a drink brought to me while I’m near one and yes eating at the pool (the height of decadence) is something I love.  Well, there was no pool.  And I’m still in love with Tulum.

photo[1] (5)You will find almost every type of resort in Tulum.  All inclusive, Yoga and wellness focus, fancy & not-so-fancy, but the thing they all have in common is a underbuilt (3 story max from what I could see) and place sensitive architecture that allows the natural surroundings to stand out and remind you that your somewhere between a jungle and the ocean, with a sky filled with stars (and avocado on every entre!).  My architecture of choice would be something along the lines of the beach structure shown above.

photo[2] (3)

I had to “borrow” and re-post this blog from BAD (Blog About Design) because It’s so beautiful and you know I’m a big Kelly Wearstler fan!  AND, having just come back from Mexico… I’m an missing and “jones-ing” for more beach weather!!!  I give you the Viceroy Anguilla.
The Viceroy Anguilla is located in West End, Anguilla. The property features fantastic living spaces as well as beautifully manicured grounds and great places to eat, designed by Kelly Wearstler. (ABOVE) The architecture of the hotel is quite modern. It’s clean and smooth like that of the sand. With just a few short steps from the water, it’s the ideal location for the beach bum! (BELOW 1) The hotel features breezeways that one passes through to get to their suite. The tiling is modern, and gorgeous! I love the armchairs, they have that beach feel, but are very chic. (BELOW 2) The infinite pool is a phenomenal place to kick back and relax. It’s definitely a great place to swim laps or sip a drink and look at the views! (BELOW 3) One can relax on a lounge chair or one can have a seat at one of the seating areas and read a great book. The seating areas or wonderfully designed. (BELOW 4) Half Shell Bar is a great place to enjoy a drink or a quick meal. With fantastic views of the sea and cliffs, it’s a must visit while at the hotel. (BELOW 5) The Ocean Villa’s are detached large size homes. The Ocean Villa’s are three and four bedrooms. The Living Room of the villa is bright with floor to ceiling windows. The villa’s have an infinite pool! What do you think of the hotel?

James Perse

March 8, 2013

Picture 46

James Perse Furniture is a natural extension of the brand, with the same essential qualities as the clothing. It is classic, simple, and timeless — the essence of casual living. The collections – Malibu, Nor Cal, Los Angeles and Brentwood – appeal to a broad style of homes, from traditional to modern, and include both indoor and outdoor pieces.
Picture 47James Perse Furniture is made in the USA and sold exclusively at James Perse Boutiques and the James Perse Showroom in Los Angeles.   For more information, please contact or visit the James Perse Showroom.

Brentwood Collection
The Brentwood collection is sleek and sophisticated lending itself to a wide variety of décors. Its design is classic and suits both elegant and casual environments. The collection is available in ash wood with an espresso or white finish, as well as top quality teak grown on an environmentally friendly farm.   
The collection includes the Balfour Dining Table, BurlingameTable, Barrington Coffee Table, Hillcrest Console, Concord Desk, and the Helena Dining Stool.



Picture 37

Los Angeles Collection

The Los Angeles Collection is a modern interpretation of the Craftsman style – warm and rustic with clean elegant lines. Pieces are available for indoors, in rough sawn white oak and can be upholstered in 100% Belgium or Italian basket weave linens or a cotton linen blend. For outdoor use, the collection is available in top quality teak grown on an environmentally friendly farm and upholstered with premium all weather fabrics to ensure lasting outdoor use. The collection includes the Craftsmen Bed, Sofa, Chair, and Ottoman. 


Nor Cal Collection
A collection of upholstered pieces that capture the refined and relaxed quality of the James Perse aesthetic: modern and timeless. Fabrics are offered in 100% Belgium and Italian basket weave linens as well as a cotton linen blend, and express a lived in and laundered look. The collection includes the Sonoma Bed, Sofa, Chair and Chaise, the Napa Sofa and Chair, and the Carmel Ottoman.  

Picture 23 james-perse-furniture-collection-3    

Malibu Collection
A collection of classic outdoor furniture updated and refined to reflect the James Perse aesthetic. Made of top quality teak grown on an environmentally friendly farm, the Malibu Collection is upholstered with premium all weather fabrics to ensure lasting outdoor use.  The collection includes the Malibu Sling Chair, Westward Wedge, Montecito Daybed and Chair, Carbon Chaise, Cross Creek Director’s Chair, Colony Chair, and the La Piedra Side Table. james-perse-furniture-collection-1


Pacific Design Center
8687 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles CA 90069
Tel 323 606 7660