I’m Working On It!

July 25, 2012


Some of you long time readers may remember the sweet cottage I did for clients some time ago, well they are hosting a wedding reception at the house this September so I’ve been brought back to freshen things up and to add a pergola (among other things).

A few months ago I traveled down south and went shopping with my clients at the most amazing resource for reclaimed architectural elements, antique furniture, lighting and handmade furniture that uses shutters and house parts. We bought a truckload of furniture to bring back to Massachusetts to furnish the pergola I designed for them. Now, this isn’t your typical pergola, we’ll have decorative lighting and additional electrical outlets for stereo equipment and matbe even ceiling fans, an enormous outdoor fireplace made with stone that matches the fireplace we built inside their sweet cottage, and of course a BBQ!

20120726-225454.jpgThe custom cushions for the ceiling hung day beds and swings are still with the upholsterer but that’s ok because as you can see we are a few weeks out on a final product. My favorite part of this project had to be the four antique columns we bought to flank the openings to the pergola. The columns are weathered and have a great patina. They give the structure a sense of history – a bit of soul – and add charm while making a statement and giving a focus to the design. The focal point will no doubt be the fireplace, over 14 feet high when done, we bought a beautiful mirror for over the mantel framed in reclaimed trim from the same resource down south where we got the furniture. The entire project will have a time-worn vibe and more than a hint of southern charm. I’ll be sure to repost this project when complete, maybe even wedding photos… I’m invited!



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