August 2, 2012


August can give you some of the most beautiful days of the year.  The water (if your lucky enough to live on the East Coast is warm, the days can still be hot and yes sometimes muggy too.   In my yard the oak leaf hydrangea are already blushing into soft pinks and the Nikko Blue hydrangea couldn’t be happier it helps that they are planted on either side of the hose spigot that leaks… they love the extra water.  our hot July really cooked things and the rain was light this year, leaving only the established and hearty plants standing.  The Ladies Mantle is gone I’m afraid and south-facing hostas are burnt but they’ll come back next year.



Here’s a view of the side yard from the second floor.  The dogwood tree was a wedding gift and it’s grown much in 8 years.  I’m thinking about beginning to manage its height if it gets too much bigger but I love seeing the large white blossoms from the upstairs windows.  Peonies, more hydrangea and a dark purple Rose of Sharon run along the side of the house.  This part of the yard also provides herbs, cutting flowers like lilies and an apple tree trained to grow flat up house.


I love pruning the boxwood hedges, if i start early enough I can typically trim them all in a day.  In this last picture the foreground should have Ladies Mantle but I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to replant that bed with something a bit more hardy.  I’ll miss the delicate yellowy-green blossoms and the way the leaves captured beads of water.  The terra-cotta pots add a bit of structure and punctuation.  August is a great time to be in the yard on the East Coast, just sayin.



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