Clam Bake

July 28, 2012

Well as you can probably tell fro my late and nonexistent posts that Summer is getting the best of me!  Friends are here for the weekend and instead of catching up on blogs from the back yard, we drove them out to the charming town of Westport for a clambake and lobster feed.  Nothing says summer like a clambake.. well bug bites and a sunburn say summer too but not quite as nicely.


The homemade chowder was served under the tent in the yard of the Westport Point church and it was really quite yummy… of course I’ve been dieting and avoiding diary so the diet flood gates were flung wide open, all bets were off and I ate with abandon.  The folks couldn’t have been more welcoming and sitting at communal tables inside the meeting hall was quite fun and it was nice to escape the heat of the day.  


A real clambake involves making a large fire to heat stones that are smothered with wet seaweed creating the steam that cooks the clams.  The crowd gathers round the clambake before the mounds of hot seaweed are pulled back exposing the cooked clams.   My lobster that got boiled with sausage, potatoes and corn in giant pots was delish.

So If you don’t mind I think this weekend will be dedicated to summer and we will get back to art, design and furniture monday. Happy Sumer everyone!



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