February 20, 2019


Don’t you just love bed? …I do.  The safety, the stillness, the shelter.  The bedroom is a private space, it’s not typically a place guests see unless your giving a house tour or hosting a VERY close friend ; )  So, what that means is you get to do what you want, indulge in a dark room, with heavy blankets and more pillows than a person should be allowed to have, or a bleached out all white space that lets you breathe and feels cool in hot weather, or maybe its layered in chintz.  The good news here is, because its private space it dosen’t have to flow with the rest of the house, the architecture, nothing. No Rules!  What do you like in a bedroom?


warsaw-apartment-by-colombe-design-dpages-6tumblr_mi9rlvuzxw1qatvvoo1_400tumblr_mcc0g1KZRI1qev340o1_500I’m a sucker for a built in bed. I like the way it encloses you and feels a bit more private.  I like a bedroom without a lot of pattern and color. I like a fireplace in a bedroom and I like hardwood floors and an area rug or two. K.Mann_Nantucket_Boys_Room3bloodandchampagne5033

Dream Pools

April 8, 2018

photo-copy-2.pngI Don’t know where this one is, or who owns it… But I’d like to go there.  Is this not amazing?!?!? It reminds me of the sidewalks in Brazil and the Azores, but of course it’s marble and more precise and refined than those examples of black and white stone work.  The fact that there is a waiter and no one around are both bonuses not lost on me, but seriously this is one of the prettiest pools I’ve ever seen.


I picked this pool as a favorite because I love the secluded, secret garden feeling.  It’s traditional but park like in its mood and I love a manicured yard like this one.  Plus, this is no small pool… and size does matter.


Ugh! So Pretty!  This one makes the grade because it’s classically pretty and probably overlooking the Aegean Sea. I’m guessing it’s also attached to a 200 plus year old villa with some yummy Italian meal being prepared in the kitchenReethi-Rah-Lap-Pool-980x677Who doesn’t love a beach side pool?  …Jumping from salt to fresh water with a fruity drink in your hand, life don’t get much better does it?  I would have to guessed this amazing pool was in Thailand but it’s not would you believe it on a lake? This pool is situated on the bank of Lake Pichola, India.

sarojin-740x564Hawaii? Thailand? Costa Rica?  Who cares really?  This pool is the perfect resort pool.  I love a cabana, don’t you?  I especially like the deeper blue of the tile in this oasis.

katikies-740x555AH… Greece.  This list would not be complete with out a swim out indoor/outdoor pool tucked high on a hillside in a town painted white high above sea. Just look at this, can you feel the warm air?  I can, and it won’t be long before the summer weather returns to the East Coast and other parts of the country, so until then… Enjoy dreaming about these pretty pools.
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Think Pink!

March 28, 2018


Its poping up everywhere these days… Pink is making a strong return to interior design and fashion.  I think it got a pretty bad wrap in the 80’s when it was most often paired with turquoise but today’s pink can be used more like a neutral and blended into a more final palette which modernizes it. Today’s pink can be coral toned or blueish pink like the door in the image above, but what strikes me is that using more of it in a space neutralizes it and makes it feel more earthy and less sweet somehow. Like a neutral, pink plays well with others. I like it best with Taupe, navy and of course green.FC59174C-0FB1-46DA-B384-C32F1E8431E3

Funny enough I did a post on pink way back in 2013… here’s some of what O had to say then:

I don’t have a pink room in my house, or much pink at all to be honest and when I work with pink it tends to be more of a fuchsia not the soft tones in these images. Truthfully, I don’t know why that is. Pink is such a pretty color, it’s warm, soft and people of all skin tones look good surrounded it. Of course there is the obvious, it is synonymous with feminine gender. Guys don’t tend toward pink (a pocket square or dress shirt, sure… but not a master bedroom or living room). Ha, in 5 years pink has grown in popularity and I have learned to embrace soft pale pink!
49E2C579-4549-4F34-9E98-9FDEAE77AA1AI love this cool wallpaper (below) and if I can remember who makes it I’ll be sure to edit this post… it’s such a good palette. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my post, now go paint something pink. 0EBF80C2-8B88-4692-911A-C6125FD7EBFE



Hurry Spring

February 11, 2018


SW1927165-PK11-A_grandeI’m not sure if it’s the color palette that just feels right to me, or the casual ease of Spring/Summer dressing that appeals to me but I know every winter (while i enjoy wearing lots of thick cashmere) I look forward to lightweight khakis, loafers – with no socks – and chambray shirts hanging out of summer weight cashmere sweaters.  I was a dedicated J.Crew shopper for many, many years and while I still love their secret wash button down shirts and their khakis but Todd Snyder – who got his start at Ralph Lauren and went on to work for Gap and J. Crew – has such a good great shop and website that I could really just wear the lines he represents, including his own of course.  This is not a paid endorsement (I swear it, god knows I’d love a heavy credit to his beautifully curated store) Todd if you’re reading this, I love what you do man.

Now of course, I love a nice shoe, and Todd has those too but my heart is with Gucci when it comes to nice shoes, I think they are classic and trendy at the same time, and if not a leather loafer then a white sneaker from Adidas (Stan Smith) or Converse (Jack Purcell). So come on Spring… I’m waiting.


I’m Working On It

February 9, 2018


I read back a ways and it’s been a long, long time since I posted any of my work projects. I feel so very fortunate to have had so many wonderful clients over the years, clients who allowed me to guide them to an aesthetic that was beautiful, elevated from the ordinary but livable and comfortable.  Since I’m posting a lot of pictures, I’m going to not bore you with to much copy.  Hope you enjoy the pictures and feel inspired by them.





Remodel Mode

February 6, 2018


Well, we are in full remodel mode around my house.  I wish I could say it’s well planed and that we are ready with decisions, contractors, and a bank roll but, were not.  And yet we are already in deep in demolition so you can imagine I’m “designing” as fast as I can.  I do have a spreadsheet ( I love google sheets) going so I can track and estimate exactly how much I’m going to overspend. But i think I might be a bit ahead of myself…

In early January our little house on the cape took on a significant amount of sea water, so we are forced to open and dry out walls, replace ruined floors and repair damaged systems and woodwork.  I’m a little (ok a lot) heartbroken, but trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel.    That light looks like a garbage disposal, a dining are that seats more than four, and maybe… just maybe a washing machine and dryer.  The picture on the left is whats left of the kitchen, and the right is a deVOL kitchen I’m using as inspiration.  Those little cabinet doors vent holes are too cute, and I’m going brass with the hardware but the truth is I’m not sure if I’ll commit to grey of just do a classic white kitchen.

IMG_1413The bathroom will be Painted Simply White with white subway tiles in the shower – with light grey grout – and this pretty palette on the floor.  The tiles are from Heath Ceramics, I’m picking a 4″ hexagon mixed in these three colors.  Currently our plan is to use a washstand and basin from Duravit and a toilet from Duravit – designed by Philippe Starck – that I really like.  I think the tile colors will mix well with Carrara curbs and thresholds.

We might end up moving the kitchen to the room we currently use as a dining room, this would allow us to have larger dinner parties and the dining space would be directly off the living space making for one larger entertaining space. I think I like the sounds of that, but I have to make sure all the charm and the old-timey vibe is not lost.  This will require special attention to the millwork; chair rails, paneled walls, cabinets and the like.


White kitchens are pretty… and the brass looks sweet against it.


And I think thew white against these Carlisle Wide Plank floors would look pretty fresh. Carlisle-Eastern-White-Pine-Flooring-Banner-310


February 4, 2018


A banquette by definition is an upholstered bench along a wall, especially in a restaurant or bar.  What I’d like to add is a banquette isn’t really a window seat or vice-versa unless of course your window seat was built at the correct height to dine at and you have a table and auxiliary chairs on hand to support dining at said window seat (technically now a banquette).  In a nut shell if dining or drinking isn’t intended, it’s a window seat or a built-in bench.


I’m not sure this counts but if one were to have a late night supper at this tiny table you cold argue this pretty alcove bench is a banquette.  It has a chair to pull in and a stool (easy perch) for the host(ess) but I’m afraid this just doesn’t cut it for me. It’s pretty though, best part for me is the drapery framing the opening.  If you hadn’t guessed yet banquettes are on my mind these days.  We moving a few things around at our place so I’ve been zeroing in on certain details… today: BANQUETTES. and guess what, Size matters!


Once you have identified where you want a banquette, triple check you have the space to accommodate the scale of your built-in and that it will hold the number of people you expect it to.  Expect your banquette to be a minimum of 20″ deep (this accommodates for a small amount of pitch on the back rest, or a straight back and room for a pillow or two) and an 18″ seat height.  See diagrams at the bottom of this post for more details.


I personally prefer the look of a straight back with lots of pillows, because I like pillows. But! don’t be fooled into thinking deeper is better. You have to provide a back rest of some sort, pillow or upholstered or pitched back.  Trust me, no one wants to sit through a meal with their core engaged the entire time.  The paneled detail on the banquette in the image above is very pretty.

img_1529.pngUltimately I think this style with upholstered “arms” that hold you just a bit is really the best of all worlds, sofa like but proportioned to allow you to work, draw or blog at a table (30″ high) and dine of course.  The world is going crazy for banquettes right now so I’m filing this blog post under Trend Alerts, yeah… they have been around a long time but they are very HOT right now.




So, I made a cake.

February 1, 2018

img_2028For me it’s all fun, choosing a recipe, mixing, baking, whipping, but I confess more than enjoying the finished product I enjoy the visual production of asembeling a cake.  I have been slightly addicted to a Caramel Corn recipe after making it for the first time a few weeks ago. So when I needed to make a dessert for a dinner party I knew I had to work it in somehow.  I couldn’t serve a bowl of Carmel Corn and just putting it over ice cream sounded good, but lazy… so I made a cake. img_2025I started with my favorite chocolate cake recipe (it might have been out of a box). Follow directions and let cool. If you are a frosting whore, slice these layers into two layers each and end up with a four layer cake!  I highly recommend you make this cake wearing slippers and if you’re up for it… make your cake from scratch. Box cakes are really just ok  and have things in them you and your loved ones really don’t need to consume.


In a mixer, cream together the butter and brown sugar.
Add vanilla and mix until it is combined.
Add the powdered sugar and mix. Slowly at first until the powdered is combined into the butter and sugar mixture. …
Add milk 1 teaspoon at a time until you have the frosting at the desired consistency.    click here for full recipe img_2024

Spray large shallow roasting pan with cooking spray. …
Mix brown sugar, corn syrup, butter and salt in a heavy 2-quart saucepan. …
Boil 5 minutes without stirring. …
Pour syrup over warm popcorn, stirring to coat evenly.
Bake for 45 minutes, stirring occasionally. …
Cool; break apart. click here for full recipe img_2027I used some of the cake crumbles from leveling the cakes to mix into the carmel corn to suggest the chocolate flavor within.  I’m telling you, if you like these flavors this cake is a winner.  I’m not a big fan of salted caramel, but if you are you could use a tiny bit of kosher salt flakes on the carmel corn or light sprinkled over the top of the cake.  I might add peanuts to the carmel corn next time, I miss them when they aren’t waiting for me at the bottom of the bag.  Frost as you typically would (I skipped a crumb layer this time) and pile the carmel corn on top!!  yummy.


These clowns thought they were going to get a slice. They didn’t get any… Everyone knows chocolate is bad for dogs!


let there be light…

January 31, 2018

…and let it make a statement.  Your light fixtures are the right place to take a risk, make a point, and inject some personality.  Yes, they can be expensive but they truly are the jewelry of a room (and who wants cheap jewelry?) Now thats not to say something inexpensive but fun and whimsical or creative, or unique isn’t a great idea… I’d celebrate that.  Typically though, you get what you pay for with light fixtures.

Two points I’d like to make are 1. your light fixtures don’t have to match, in fact they shouldn’t (unless were talking about scones in a space, a long hall, or pendants over an island or other instances like that) Mix it up from room to room, and have some fun with not doing everything in a certain genre, you can have an old crusty lantern in one room and a modern saucer in another. BUT the finishes must speak to each other.  Lighting is no different than any other detail on your home.  Windows, masonry, woodwork to create cohesiveness those details have to tell a story through color, texture, shape or style.  And if you’re mixing up style, focus on the finishes telling the same story.


The other point is you can change a light when it falls out of fashion, but you have to rip out that backsplash accent you couldn’t live without, and trust me… you will get sick of the over designed backsplash.  Or the niche detail you think is a good idea now.  There is no harder job what it comes to good design than restraint.  Thats why i started by suggesting you put the “risk” into light fixtures, they really are easy to change out.


Parting thoughts… use light fixtures to enhance a space, not just light it.. places like the top of bookcases or over your favorite painting (but not if it has glass please). Add sconces down a boring hallway or up a staircase.  Don’t think about them just providing light, make them a point of interest, design them into your space and for pets sake PLEASE put them ALL on dimmers.  Unless your pulling out a splinter or reading the dictionary, I’m pretty certain you need to dim your lights down.


The End.



Once you go black…

January 21, 2018

scarsdale-home-by-tamara-magel-photo-by-rikki-snyder…it’s said you’ll never go back.  For the record I love a little black. It’s a crisp sharp neutral that adds sophistication to a space.  Walls fade away when a room is painted a deep dark color but I like black best surrounded by lots of white (or grey, or taupe).

Seen here as a countertop and select cabinetry, the black feels a tad industrial and decidedly modern.  It adds an articulation, punctuation… a moment.  These White kitchens have added interest because of the black.

It’s pretty obvious from these pictures how black in a neutral room pulls the eye!  I love how the light fixtures are highlighted by choosing the a finish so dark.

Cabinetry  in black really grounds a space and a light counter will set off dark base cabinets best. I still like brass hardware, it don’t feel passé to me (yet, it’s 2018) and it’s an easy change when it really jumps the shark, so i say go brass!

img_1484In fairness to the folks that posted, designed and photographed these beautiful kitchens, I’m not trimming and editing out the information captured when I screen shot these images.  I encourage you to seek these folks out, follow them, and support those who deserve credit for the pretty kitchens. img_1481img_1482img_1483img_1524

You all know by now that I’m a BIG fan of white kitchens… select White Kitchens in the cloud to the right to see years of posts on them, the do’s and don’ts and what it takes to really make them work. For today I’m just posting a few recent favorites, a few pretty kitchens… be inspired!


houseLet’s get one thing straight… I am by no means “ready” for Christmas.  I feel like it was Thanksgiving yesterday and now suddenly there are 8 – EIGHT! – shopping days til Christmas. WTF?!  Anyway, I’m wrapping garland, lighting trees, hanging wreaths and decking the frapping halls as fast as I can. Thank heaven I have a giant attic filled with years of Christmas hoarding, if there were a trap door I’d just shove it all through, but there isn’t so I’m getting my exercise which is good cause it’s Mac Cheese Season.  So this year we went for Laurel Leaf Garland, it’s a nice change from all the pine you see this time of year.  No snow yet, and I’m still debating lights on the garland.. yes? or No?

wreathThe Front Door area is also still unresolved, Love my wreath, but the bittersweet and the big berries in the wreath are not jiving for me, there’s a disconnect with these elements.  I’m thinking fill planters with bright green moss and swap redder berries in the trees.  smalltreeThis is what were calling the little tree (it’s 4 or 5 feet) I like to have a home-spun tree in the Library, near the fireplace that holds the ornaments we have collected and have been given over the years, you know the sentimental stuff.  My Mom is coming out in just a few days to spend Christmas with us so I’m hold off on decorating this tree until she gets here.  I also have a stash of photo albums under the ottoman to reminisce over while we trim the tree.

graveI’m including this image because the holidays are a time when we most miss those who are no longer with us.  It’s a time of deep reflection and can be difficult for some.  We lost someone dear to us this year, so we make sure to honor their passing and to tell stories and remember them to keep their memory alive.  The season is truly about love, compassion and giving so we think of those we have lost and hold close those still near us and take care of those who need more, or suffer this time of year.

candlesI love a scented candle.  Seriously I do… these are my top three right now. Icy Blue Pine by Votivo and Vermont Wood and Wassail by Farm House Pottery… both available locally at Surroundings.  All have the freshness of the season without being to powerful, I love these candles, seriously. napkinsSpeaking of Surroundings, a great stocking stuffer or hostess gift is a cocktail or hand towel and we carry Caspari because  they have so many great styles.  This is a holiday appropriate gift that has a purpose and fills a need & it also gets used and goes away so you’re not giving clutter or a nic-nack that the receiver might not want to have to keep around.  Hey, so is a scented candle… see how I did that.  Anyways, don’t be surprised (if I know you) if you get a package of pretty napkins in your stocking.

santaLast but not least, there’s SANTA.  My vintage Santa collection is growing but I have become more particular in recent years because I don’t want duplicates.  I find a lot of the rubber faced Santas of the 50’s and 60’s.  My heat melts for paper faced Santas with cottony beards and the wooden Santas of Scandinavia are also favorites. No matter what makes you happy this time of year, no matter how or what you celebrate, I hope you have a magical holiday season surrounded by Family, or friends or both.  xoxo



Blue & White

November 7, 2016

img_1049It’s a classic that never seems to fall out of favor.  Blue and White feels appropriate in any season, in any place, and in any room. The above image is a family room I designed for a summer house on the South Coast of MA.  The clients were young and I wanted the room to feel sophisticated and classic but relaxed.  The wide striped rug from Barrier Island Rugs sets a sporty tone and the ticking stripe on the swivel chair and the Kelly Wearstler pillow fabric all play nicely together. (Upholstery by LEE Industries)

 img_6376 img_4025Stark Carpet is a leader when it comes to broadloom and rugs.  They have an endless supply of patterns and styles and there is not shortage of blue and white.  I’m particularly fond of the ones in my photograph that I’m using for current client.   As you can see these patterns go from bedroom to living room to staircase, blue and white can be used to suit any space.  (headboard by LEE Industries)

img_4023 img_3815The color story doesn’t have to stop at fabrics and rugs, Front doors, art and accessories are all fair game.  Here’s a shot of my front door, a clients house and one of my most favorite pieces of art by Marine Edith Crosta. Her unique miniatures are hand painted and framed in her East London studio.  The frames and glass that she uses are antiques so the sizes and characteristics can vary, which I love.

img_2776 img_2362A blue and white palette benefits from an added neutral or a pop of color like red, but that doesn’t mean you have to add another color.  That said you can also play with the amount of each color you use to find the loo you want.  I love a dark blue room with a crisp white chair rail, like the Private club house I designed for a local Golf Club.

img_2150 img_1936Things that go well with blue and white rooms:  Tortoise Bamboo Blinds, White Shutters, Brass Accents, a Pop of Color and more Blue and White. Thanks for stopping by…


Dreams Do Come True

September 18, 2016


“Create your own reality” is a phrase friends and I saw once inscribed on a school or civic building when we were in our early twenties.  I think it was in the Sunset district of San Francisco.  It became a catch phrase for us, used more in jest at first, but it has become a mantra for me that has guided me in my adult life.  Many years ago I decided that I’d like to have a home in Provincetown,  it was in fact September 15, 2011 click to see entire post  (FIVE YEARS AGO) I set my eyes on this house…


And now it’s mine (ours).  It has been for 3 years now. I stalked it, I watched it I asked about it, I found a realtor that knew the owner, we inquired, we offered and we were accepted ( with a little negotiating ).  I pinch myself every time I pull in the driveway – not only am I so very happy to have parking in this bustling little town – but I can’t believe my good fortune to have the opportunity to be the caretaker of such a beautiful cottage, in such a great location, in a town I love, only an hour and a half away from home.  So here is where we are now… moved in, interiors cute, beachy, relaxed and for the most “done”.  But the bathroom is crying for an update.  So the last few posts have been about making sensitive choices that will update the bathroom, without it feeling like it doesn’t belong in this tiny, charming little cape house from the 30’s.  

Mostly, I wanted to recognize that 5 years ago to the day almost, I had a dream.  Today I’m sitting on the sofa, writing this blog and throughly aware of the gift it is in my life.  I love this house.  I want to do right by it.  I’m going to keep processing materials and ideas in my mind and maybe on the ol blog til I have a bathroom worthy of showing off.  Until then… Check out my posts Summer (house) May 19, 2014 and SeaSide Chic – I think so anyway August 3, 2014 for previous posts featuring other shots of the house.  Cheers!  

L.B.F (little black faucet)

September 11, 2016


I want to do something unusual in my bathroom remodel and I love the look that brass fixtures give a room but I worry that in my marine environment that the brass won’t stay pretty for long.  I don’t need it to stay perfect forever but that’s not the only reason I’m afraid to use it on this project.  You see, it might come off as a bit to glammy for the house. In fact I’m pretty sure I’ll have to save that look for a different project.  I need something a bit more subdued, rustic but modern.  The obvious choice is black.

To me black fixtures in a bathroom give a Scandinavian vibe.  It’s european for sure but there is a modernity that says Danish modern and mid-century to me.  I also like the 20’s 30’s aesthetic black and white give, again it’s modern… but modern with a twist.  I’ve never in my 25 plus year career spec’d black fixtures for a bathroom, if you can believe that.  So, I have no idea how it will hold up. or if it will look bad in a year.  or if upkeep is hard… but i think I’m ready to experiment with my own bathroom, before I tell a client they ought to go for it.

e77c2a06ea19cc88495dd454cdf79a18I’m going to go with Dorn Bracht for my faucet and shower sets.  There are many brands that offer black as a finish, but I love the X handles of the Tara series and the clean smile neck of the faucet.  Pop back in a few days… I’ll share some inspiration images with you so you can see the look I’m going for.

a PENNY for your thoughts

September 9, 2016


Penny Round Tiles have been around for more than a century but they feel more mid-century than they do turn of the century.  They certainly have a fresh look for todays Bathrooms, Kitchens, Foyers and Mud Rooms.  Originally sold in face-mounted paper sheets and set into a sand-and-cement mortar that also served as the grout, easy-to-clean unglazed porcelain circles debuted in bathrooms and kitchens in the early 1900s.

Regarded as a great no-slip surface, penny tile is now available in ceramic ( now mesh-mounted or joined with glue dots for easy installation) porcelain (fired multiple times for better durability in high traffic areas) and natural stone.  Make a splash with penny rounds as back-splashes, shower walls, and fireplace surrounds.

Obviously, these little beauties are pretty transformable and suit looks from modern to traditional.  I think they are a nice counter point to large slabs of natural stone and the scale of their movement, and they soften square and rectangular tiles with their happy round edges.  I’m leaning toward using them on the floor in a bathroom remodel I’m planning.  What do you think? …a penny for your thoughts.

Happy Easter!

March 27, 2016

imageEaster for me is a time for Bunnies, Chicks, Eggs, Easter Baskets and of course Egg Decorating…  However you choose to spend the day, I hope you and your loved ones are together, sharing food, prayer, or your Easter Baskets.  I chose to spend the morning peeping some eggs and this year I thought why not try the natural approach to coloring.  I decided to try  coffee, turmeric, chili powder, and spinach (because I really wanted green).

The  colors  are subtle, some more successful than others, and some didn’t really work at all.  The big surprise  is that I like the coffee the best!  Turmeric worked well too, but  chili powder and spinach were a bust… so I broke out the food coloring.  I was carful to not over dye the eggs, because I wanted a soft natural palette this year.   I’m not sure  where this technique of wrapping the egg with mesh or a piece of nylon stocking came from (or I’d give credit) but I think it’s a great way to add visual interest, while keeping it natural.  imageimageimageimageHere are the results.  I’m pleased with how they turned out, there were one or two I’m not showing you but for the most part the method is easy, and produces good results.      I love the flower , I used hellebore because it’s really the only thing blooming in my yard right now.  I foraged some bamboo leaves, some evergreens and a small fernlike plant that I’m pretty sure is a weed… but a pretty leaved weed.  Hey, on March 26th in the garden you can afford to be too picky.  Note: choose soft non-woody plant materials and avoid thin spindly plants, they don’t work well.    I added vinegar to both the traditional dyes and my “spice dyes” , i have to be honest I don’t really know what is does, but we did it when I was a kid, and you add it to PAAS so I added it.  Good luck if you’re dying eggs today.image

white, White, WHITE!

March 26, 2016


Ok first things first… the above image is the beautiful, thoughtful interiors at the Old Homestead in Provincetown Ma.  I’ve not yet had the pleasure of seeing the interiors first hand, but I intend to correct that in the very near future.  As you can see the eye on this project is/was impeccable.  Serious inspiration for a small kitchen/bathroom project in my near future.  If you intend to visit Provincetown, check out the Old Homestead.  one word Chic!  Don’t make me list the things I love: Shiplap, appliances, stools, rafters, lights….


I’m in the market for a new kitchen and bathroom, and these images are my inspiration.  A great way to get your head around the look you want for a new space is to pull images of rooms you like.  The pictures don’t have to be exactly what you think you want, or the same configuration you have to design, they are meant to borrow ideas from, to fine tune your likes and hobble together your own style by picking and choosing elements that speak to  you. imageimageimageimageClearly, I like a goose neck faucet with a “Chicago style” above counter valve.  These images also suggest I’m headed to a slab backsplash (swoon) and white cabinets with inset doors.  There many other details to iron out, but thats a good start.image

Nice doors! and, shot doesn’t love a footed vanity? image

This Floor is to die for!image

I’m not sure this sink is for me, but theres a lot here I like. image

That sink again… it’s still a no, I need a counter top.

Its not the first time, and I promise it won’t be the last time I blog about white kitchens and bathrooms…  whats not to like?!?  But, I will leave it there for now.  Happy decorating!

Take a Seat

February 28, 2016

imageThere is nothing like a comfortable place to relax, be it a fresh white kitchen or a dark sexy den… the one thing that remains constant is the comfort of a welt built, well proportioned piece of upholstery. I love a built-in banquette, they are cozy and allow for the comfort and long lounging we all crave in places like a kitchen.  I’d be sitting in one right now with a cup of coffee wring this blog, if I had a banquette.  image Read the rest of this entry »

Let them (me) eat CAKE!

January 16, 2016

Who doesn’t love cake? Always They festive cakes are only made better by adding sprinkles.  Happy & sweet, sprinkles harken back to a simpler time, they are an old-timey decoration that is back with a vengeance.  I’m just going to put it out there that 1. I’m on a diet, so of course I’m obsessing about Cake (and all the other things I shouldn’t be eating) and 2. I have a big birthday is coming up this summer so I’ve started to think about what the celebration might look like… And it looks like CAKE! Cake with sprinkles that is. I love Cake. A lot.

I feel like a big birthday is the perfect time to go way over the top. Weddings have to be classy but birthdays should be festive.  So I’m going to plan out the cake of all cakes! I definitely going with a multi tiered cake. But first, the interior: One should have multi-colored cake layers, this will be for the guests.  I’d like one with sprinkles in the cake (for leftovers) and maybe the top tier chocolate. I’ll take the top tier as my own personal mini cake please! Could you put a Barbie in it?!


So there definitely has to be a Sprinkles layer like this one!  Arn’t they fun? Next, because it would balance the other tiers, a white layer with flowers – because cakes have flowers on them.  And then a frosted layer, with a design of some sort like the zig zag inspired by Missoni or maybe a paisley motif. Thats four tiers so maybe there should be a Red Velvet  tier, because the color would be so good with all the other colors.


Now, all I have to do is hope my husband see’s this post and remembers it in time to order it up for me.  Don’t worry I’ll be sure to remind him : )  I’m also not above ordering my own cake.