January 22, 2014

photo 2

There are things about living in New England that I like and there are things I dislike, there are also things I love… a Snow Day is one thing I truly LOVE when it comes to living Back East.  It’s a sick day without being sick, it’s an extra day off when your out of vacation time (or saving it up for that warm weather vacation to Tulum like me) and it’s a free pass to blog, bake cookies, cuddle with your fur-babies and stay in your jammies all day!  
photo 1Whats on my agenda? Shoveling is already done, so i looks like I’ll be Facebooking, Instagraming, Blogging and making cookies all day.  Diet be damned, I want Hermits! Fingers crossed I have all the ingredients.  Stay Warm fellow East Coasters!!  the rest of you… send some warm weather our way if you have any to spare.  photo 3
photo 2photo 1Parting glance: here is the view up and down my street.  Plows have been through, and frankly I’ve seen much more snow but I’ll take the day off gladly and appreciate the found time to catch up on things that somehow slip through the cracks and bake a little (and maybe some laundry too).

Happy Snow Day!


4 Responses to “SNOW DAY!”

  1. GeGe Says:

    Love a snow day even though I’m still working…enjoy your day! And kiss da babies for me!

  2. Janice Says:

    Plenty of warm weather here to spare….help yourself when you’re ready. After the hermits, of course.

  3. bill barr Says:

    I feel a Hermit post coming on…

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