August 18, 2012

Darn it, I’ve been a day (or two) behind for as long as I can remember getting a blog post up… sorry, life has been full to say the least!  I’m not complaining mind you.  The amount of travel and social events this summer has been staggering and I’m off to Provincetown today for a two-week stay – lucky for me I have family that stays with our dogs.  But I digress, I’m behind by two days and I’m feeling the same pinch in life so the vacation couldn’t come at a better ( or depending on how you look at it worse ) time.  I need to regenerate and build up the creative juice it will take to get me through a productive fall and a long cold winter.  What better  place to relax and unwind than Provincetown?  It’s an easy hour plus drive, countless friends will all be there, the beaches, restaurants, shops, bars, shows and the like can keep me busy all day and all night if I choose, or I can stay on the wharf and watch the beautiful cape light chance throughout the day and simply read, draw, sunbathe and of course eat.

I’m not a cyclist per say, what I mean is i don’t do long bike rides for exercise but I have to say one of most favorite parts of a Provincetown vacation is not getting in a car for two weeks.  And, I love my old-fashioned olive-green bike, bell and all.  It’s really not a good bike for long treks out to the dunes, Herring Cove or hatches harbor but I make it work.  And no, that’s no one I know in the picture above… it’s just a very cute ( and very vintage ) image of the camaraderie and playful nature of people drawn to Provincetown.  I guess it is a bit surprising to think that the community has been so accepting for so many years, what a wonderful tradition and what a wonderful spot to feel so safe, included and equal.

What does all of this have to do with design? ..not much really.  But, it is a magical place where everyone – for the most part – is happy and pleasant, creative and smart, or at least silly and fun.  A guilty pleasure for me in the next few weeks is the Provincetown pool at the Provincetown Inn.  It is literally at the very tip of Cape Cod, the end of the continent and I am somewhat embarrassed to admit I love going there.  Surrounded by natural beauty, the most amazing beaches, and I’m happy to sit in a plastic lounge chair listening to loud dance music and being served burgers n the hot sun all surrounded by a safety fence and attache to a motor inn that frankly could use a facelift.  Why? well because it’s sorta fun to relax into the casualness of the place, it’s not the type of resort where you have to mind your maners, think too much about your outfit, or have the right pool bag… it simply is what it is… thats what Provincetown really is for me.  Simply put it’s a place where everyone is accepted, they are who they are, and we all coexist, beautiful right?  I think so.

Of course seeing friends from all over the world is priceless.  There is always a gang willing to go out, beach it, hit the pool, take a walk, sit for hours at the coffee shop or to swim with off the wharf.  I was going to take two weeks off from blogging, but the truth is I think I’d miss it… so if it’s ok with you, I’ll post throughout my vacation when time and WiFi allow.  I can’t say that the posts won’t influenced by where I am and what I’m doing, because they probably will.  But I’ll continue to troll Pinterest, and the great blogs I read daily and sometimes share with you.  Thanks, as always, for reading Billblog… Hope the remainder of your summer is filled with fun and laughter.  xo


2 Responses to “Provincetown”

  1. Danny Says:

    Enjoy P-Town! 🙂

  2. richard Says:

    Love PTown!
    Love you!

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