October 14, 2013


If you have been following me for 8 months or more then you might remember my love letter to Tulum. I had the pleasure of visiting for the first time last winter and was blown away by the intense natural beauty. The small town is quaint, the people warm and friendly and the food is oh so good ( many local restaurants are a blend of local fare mixed with a hipster ex-pat vibe ) but the beach, oh my god the beach…


Prettiest beach I’ve ever seen, so I’m going back. I like the idea that I know where I’m headed, something exotic yet familiar ( I know where the best coffee is ). Yeah, I could discover another place just as mesmerizing but I’m just not done with Tulum. We stayed at a small resort called Zamas just off the main stretch of beach, in a cottage in the sand just steps to the water. I liked it, the food there was great. But I did long to be on the 7 mile strip of white sand where you can walk forever without climbing over rocks or popping up to the road. So this year we will stay at Ahau Tulum  (all pictures are of Ahau) it’s right in the middle of the prettiest beach ever! I can’t wait.


It’s sort of Gilligan’s Island meets Yucatan jungle. Thatched roofs, romantic – yet necessary – bug nets and of course ocean views out every window. Now I am a pool guy I will admit, but with water that beautiful I think I’ll manage.






2 Responses to “TULUMredux”

  1. Karen Says:

    Utterly gorgeous Bill! I wish I was heading that way too.

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