Pool Envy

November 24, 2012

I love a nice pool, and a nice bathing suit for that matter.  The suit part is easy… check out Charlie by Matthew Zink.  And, while the ocean is great for snorkeling, surfing and talking long walks beside it, I’d take a clean warm pool with interesting people around it, a bar near by and fresh dry towels (sans of sand) any day.  That’s not to say I’m opposed to taking a warm weather vacation to a resort without a pool this winter, I’m good with that… I just love a pool.

This one will do quite nicely… it’s the pool at the Delano Hotel in Miami.  Private cabana Mr. Barr?  Yes, please.

And I guess if I was to dig a pool in my own yard and space permitted, why not add a cabana of my very own?  Mini-fridge and a sound system, oh and a very comfy nap spot would all be on the punch list. If you’re going to have a pool, I guess the only thing that might trump a cabana – fully stocked – is a pool alongside the ocean.  Who wouldn’t want the best of both worlds?  Like this pool I had the pleasure of enjoying over the summer…

Located somewhere on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, this pool is wrapped on three sides by house and one side by the ocean, views to Chappaquiddick and the beach club.

This pool by the ocean is in Sri Lanka, pretty right?  wishing you were someplace warm yet?  Wait til February!  BRRR. Better book your warm weather now, and start working on the post-Thanksgiving body! (we have Christmas to get through as well).

This magnificent pool is part of the Hearst Castle estate on the coast of California, somewhere near Santa Barbara.  Love the inlay bottom, so glamorous.  Who wouldn’t want to host a pool party here?  Toga sounds fun, and everyone loves a theme…And then, of course there is the “just too much”  seriously… do you really need to block the entire beach for “the worlds largest” pool?  Imagine having to swim to get to the ocean.  weird.



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