We’re Building A Pergola

September 10, 2013


The season may be coming to an end ( sad ) but we are gearing up for Fall planting and the construction of a pergola! at my house now that we have finished a much-needed fence across the back of our property.  We are hoping to keep the project simple but the more I study the construction of these whimsical pavilions, the more I realize that I may need to shell out more for something a bit more than “basic”.  What I really seem to like is a structure with double round columns at the corners.  Double columns means double the materials which adds up to probably double the money AND round columns definitely means more money.


So what that means is I can probably afford something that looks more like pergola in the image above.  Four square posts, no doubling up, simple cross pieces and not too many bells and whistles.  Our plan is to paint any structure white so disregard the finish of the above example.  I think if this is what I end up with I’ll be happy, but I’d be happier if the posts are doubled on the corners because I think the detail adds visual weight, a visual quality and a nice detail.  This is what I imagine it will look like…

707c88cfe30f2aa2a1e5133a81020360This one is elegant, love the extra height and the trellis insert between the posts.  I think I like the idea of the additional sense of enclosure the trellis gives the structure.  And, I think I like the smaller more tightly spaced cross pieces.  I plan on experimenting with the spacing of the cross pieces to get the right amount of shade at the right time of day… those details will need to be discussed with the carpenter including and maybe most importantly, the direction of the cross pieces.


eb202926fc40166479ff3b6b80f0bbbcI pray that my rose, or climbing hydrangea or clematis is half as happy as this rose.

Promise to post before, during and after pics.  Stay tuned.



6 Responses to “We’re Building A Pergola”

  1. Janice Says:

    Exciting news! At which section of the garden?

  2. richard Says:

    pics please!
    height is good for visual, but not as cozy.

  3. Austin Turner Says:

    You could go with a simpler design for your shade structure. In Dallas most pergolas are quite basic but with a vine or creeper growing along it; they can look really nice.

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