Mr Porter

July 17, 2012

I’m writing this blog backwards and finishing this post with an ensemble that will be more apropos cooler weather (best time of year for fashion is Fall if you ask me).    I intend to post smart summer fashion… what was hot right now.  My quest brought me to Mr Porter a great resource for men, they have everything that is hot, and have it for sale.  So just to be clear… this outfit is where I ended up, not where I started.
I came to this image of the autumnal outfit of  turtleneck and tweed shown with the most beautiful pair of Gucci wingtips (love Mr Porter).  I had gotten past the outfit and was cruising for shoes, summer chic was on my mind but… BAM!  I saw these brown beauties and I almost started begging for fall.
But the perfect shoe was to be found.  Who doesn’t love a navy leather loafer after all?  This was the perfect shoe to take a t-shirt and jeans up to the place where you could still go almost anywhere. Paul Smith for a Mr Porter exclusive, I’m adding this shoe to my wish list.  
I knew finding a pair of Gant Rugger corduroy shorts paired with a white T-shirt and a cardigan was a perfect look, but and I  am having second thoughts on the color of the sweater… I still like the idea of a layer of some sort.  It dresses up the outfit a bit if it’s into evening, cocktails or just a classy ; ) place.   A white T is just a white T after all.   
AND, to think it all started because I recently got an awesome – natural linen with a thin double stripe of navy running the long way with a bit of fringe – that a bestie game to me : )

One Response to “Mr Porter”

  1. Janice Says:

    cord shorts! cute. post a pic of you in it all 🙂

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