White Kitchens

January 2, 2013


Some day I’ll have a summer-house, and in it a small WHITE KITCHEN.  Not a trophy kitchen, just a simple white kitchen, with cutting board countertops and painted floors.  My big splurge might be a soapstone or farmers sink, and maybe inset doors on my base cabinets, that is of course they need replacing.  I’m hoping for funky, old and paintable.  Easy feeling and relaxed…white-kitchen-l I might even paint the cabinets taupe, who knows…474989091918878327_Va9x42Fc_c inside glass cabinets could end up a color…59532026294096779_7HhwlTKv_c if it’s really tiny, I might put a shelf in front of the window…274156696035968355_hE0I9aoW_c...but it will be white, easy and casual.  I want to feel relaxed in my summer (all year) escape and for visitors to feel like they can exhale.  Til then, I’ll keep dreaming.


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