Dream Pools

April 8, 2018

photo-copy-2.pngI Don’t know where this one is, or who owns it… But I’d like to go there.  Is this not amazing?!?!? It reminds me of the sidewalks in Brazil and the Azores, but of course it’s marble and more precise and refined than those examples of black and white stone work.  The fact that there is a waiter and no one around are both bonuses not lost on me, but seriously this is one of the prettiest pools I’ve ever seen.


I picked this pool as a favorite because I love the secluded, secret garden feeling.  It’s traditional but park like in its mood and I love a manicured yard like this one.  Plus, this is no small pool… and size does matter.


Ugh! So Pretty!  This one makes the grade because it’s classically pretty and probably overlooking the Aegean Sea. I’m guessing it’s also attached to a 200 plus year old villa with some yummy Italian meal being prepared in the kitchenReethi-Rah-Lap-Pool-980x677Who doesn’t love a beach side pool?  …Jumping from salt to fresh water with a fruity drink in your hand, life don’t get much better does it?  I would have to guessed this amazing pool was in Thailand but it’s not would you believe it on a lake? This pool is situated on the bank of Lake Pichola, India.

sarojin-740x564Hawaii? Thailand? Costa Rica?  Who cares really?  This pool is the perfect resort pool.  I love a cabana, don’t you?  I especially like the deeper blue of the tile in this oasis.

katikies-740x555AH… Greece.  This list would not be complete with out a swim out indoor/outdoor pool tucked high on a hillside in a town painted white high above sea. Just look at this, can you feel the warm air?  I can, and it won’t be long before the summer weather returns to the East Coast and other parts of the country, so until then… Enjoy dreaming about these pretty pools.
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Think Pink!

March 28, 2018


Its poping up everywhere these days… Pink is making a strong return to interior design and fashion.  I think it got a pretty bad wrap in the 80’s when it was most often paired with turquoise but today’s pink can be used more like a neutral and blended into a more final palette which modernizes it. Today’s pink can be coral toned or blueish pink like the door in the image above, but what strikes me is that using more of it in a space neutralizes it and makes it feel more earthy and less sweet somehow. Like a neutral, pink plays well with others. I like it best with Taupe, navy and of course green.FC59174C-0FB1-46DA-B384-C32F1E8431E3

Funny enough I did a post on pink way back in 2013… here’s some of what O had to say then:

I don’t have a pink room in my house, or much pink at all to be honest and when I work with pink it tends to be more of a fuchsia not the soft tones in these images. Truthfully, I don’t know why that is. Pink is such a pretty color, it’s warm, soft and people of all skin tones look good surrounded it. Of course there is the obvious, it is synonymous with feminine gender. Guys don’t tend toward pink (a pocket square or dress shirt, sure… but not a master bedroom or living room). Ha, in 5 years pink has grown in popularity and I have learned to embrace soft pale pink!
49E2C579-4549-4F34-9E98-9FDEAE77AA1AI love this cool wallpaper (below) and if I can remember who makes it I’ll be sure to edit this post… it’s such a good palette. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my post, now go paint something pink. 0EBF80C2-8B88-4692-911A-C6125FD7EBFE



I’m Working On It

February 9, 2018


I read back a ways and it’s been a long, long time since I posted any of my work projects. I feel so very fortunate to have had so many wonderful clients over the years, clients who allowed me to guide them to an aesthetic that was beautiful, elevated from the ordinary but livable and comfortable.  Since I’m posting a lot of pictures, I’m going to not bore you with to much copy.  Hope you enjoy the pictures and feel inspired by them.





Once you go black…

January 21, 2018

scarsdale-home-by-tamara-magel-photo-by-rikki-snyder…it’s said you’ll never go back.  For the record I love a little black. It’s a crisp sharp neutral that adds sophistication to a space.  Walls fade away when a room is painted a deep dark color but I like black best surrounded by lots of white (or grey, or taupe).

Seen here as a countertop and select cabinetry, the black feels a tad industrial and decidedly modern.  It adds an articulation, punctuation… a moment.  These White kitchens have added interest because of the black.

It’s pretty obvious from these pictures how black in a neutral room pulls the eye!  I love how the light fixtures are highlighted by choosing the a finish so dark.

Cabinetry  in black really grounds a space and a light counter will set off dark base cabinets best. I still like brass hardware, it don’t feel passé to me (yet, it’s 2018) and it’s an easy change when it really jumps the shark, so i say go brass!

img_1484In fairness to the folks that posted, designed and photographed these beautiful kitchens, I’m not trimming and editing out the information captured when I screen shot these images.  I encourage you to seek these folks out, follow them, and support those who deserve credit for the pretty kitchens. img_1481img_1482img_1483img_1524

You all know by now that I’m a BIG fan of white kitchens… select White Kitchens in the cloud to the right to see years of posts on them, the do’s and don’ts and what it takes to really make them work. For today I’m just posting a few recent favorites, a few pretty kitchens… be inspired!


houseLet’s get one thing straight… I am by no means “ready” for Christmas.  I feel like it was Thanksgiving yesterday and now suddenly there are 8 – EIGHT! – shopping days til Christmas. WTF?!  Anyway, I’m wrapping garland, lighting trees, hanging wreaths and decking the frapping halls as fast as I can. Thank heaven I have a giant attic filled with years of Christmas hoarding, if there were a trap door I’d just shove it all through, but there isn’t so I’m getting my exercise which is good cause it’s Mac Cheese Season.  So this year we went for Laurel Leaf Garland, it’s a nice change from all the pine you see this time of year.  No snow yet, and I’m still debating lights on the garland.. yes? or No?

wreathThe Front Door area is also still unresolved, Love my wreath, but the bittersweet and the big berries in the wreath are not jiving for me, there’s a disconnect with these elements.  I’m thinking fill planters with bright green moss and swap redder berries in the trees.  smalltreeThis is what were calling the little tree (it’s 4 or 5 feet) I like to have a home-spun tree in the Library, near the fireplace that holds the ornaments we have collected and have been given over the years, you know the sentimental stuff.  My Mom is coming out in just a few days to spend Christmas with us so I’m hold off on decorating this tree until she gets here.  I also have a stash of photo albums under the ottoman to reminisce over while we trim the tree.

graveI’m including this image because the holidays are a time when we most miss those who are no longer with us.  It’s a time of deep reflection and can be difficult for some.  We lost someone dear to us this year, so we make sure to honor their passing and to tell stories and remember them to keep their memory alive.  The season is truly about love, compassion and giving so we think of those we have lost and hold close those still near us and take care of those who need more, or suffer this time of year.

candlesI love a scented candle.  Seriously I do… these are my top three right now. Icy Blue Pine by Votivo and Vermont Wood and Wassail by Farm House Pottery… both available locally at Surroundings.  All have the freshness of the season without being to powerful, I love these candles, seriously. napkinsSpeaking of Surroundings, a great stocking stuffer or hostess gift is a cocktail or hand towel and we carry Caspari because  they have so many great styles.  This is a holiday appropriate gift that has a purpose and fills a need & it also gets used and goes away so you’re not giving clutter or a nic-nack that the receiver might not want to have to keep around.  Hey, so is a scented candle… see how I did that.  Anyways, don’t be surprised (if I know you) if you get a package of pretty napkins in your stocking.

santaLast but not least, there’s SANTA.  My vintage Santa collection is growing but I have become more particular in recent years because I don’t want duplicates.  I find a lot of the rubber faced Santas of the 50’s and 60’s.  My heat melts for paper faced Santas with cottony beards and the wooden Santas of Scandinavia are also favorites. No matter what makes you happy this time of year, no matter how or what you celebrate, I hope you have a magical holiday season surrounded by Family, or friends or both.  xoxo



a PENNY for your thoughts

September 9, 2016


Penny Round Tiles have been around for more than a century but they feel more mid-century than they do turn of the century.  They certainly have a fresh look for todays Bathrooms, Kitchens, Foyers and Mud Rooms.  Originally sold in face-mounted paper sheets and set into a sand-and-cement mortar that also served as the grout, easy-to-clean unglazed porcelain circles debuted in bathrooms and kitchens in the early 1900s.

Regarded as a great no-slip surface, penny tile is now available in ceramic ( now mesh-mounted or joined with glue dots for easy installation) porcelain (fired multiple times for better durability in high traffic areas) and natural stone.  Make a splash with penny rounds as back-splashes, shower walls, and fireplace surrounds.

Obviously, these little beauties are pretty transformable and suit looks from modern to traditional.  I think they are a nice counter point to large slabs of natural stone and the scale of their movement, and they soften square and rectangular tiles with their happy round edges.  I’m leaning toward using them on the floor in a bathroom remodel I’m planning.  What do you think? …a penny for your thoughts.