Take a Seat

February 28, 2016

imageThere is nothing like a comfortable place to relax, be it a fresh white kitchen or a dark sexy den… the one thing that remains constant is the comfort of a welt built, well proportioned piece of upholstery. I love a built-in banquette, they are cozy and allow for the comfort and long lounging we all crave in places like a kitchen.  I’d be sitting in one right now with a cup of coffee wring this blog, if I had a banquette.  imageimageSo the big confession in this blog is that fact that I love sofas, settees, divans and chase that are squeezed into tight places. It’s something about the look, cozy and custom… two words I live by.  Look at these delicious pieces of upholstery fitted neatly into their spaces.  imageimageimageimageOf course I can’t sign off without acknowledge the pillow and the important role it serves.  The pieces above are simply adorned with matching pillows, accented with pillows in the rooms complimentary fabric and some are embellished with pillows in contrasting pops of color and texture.  Pillows add a level of interest and depth, pillows finish a look… Long live the accent pillow!



3 Responses to “Take a Seat”

  1. bill barr Says:

    photo credit: Instagramers, HomeAdore, Jonncoolidge, BillBarr, Jroman1964, Circabirmingham.

  2. Katy Says:

    that green one!! wow. I am working on designing a banquette area in my latest project and i don’t think I can find a ready-made table that will use the dimensions properly, so I guess building a custom table is next. I like that first photo too… is it ok if your windows come down too far and your back is leaning against a window? Because I sorta don’t care. I will have a banquette, windows be damned. xo

    • bill barr Says:

      Thank you Katy for reading the blog, and commenting. Go ahead an build it! I often put pillows in front of a window to achieve a banquette. Just remember: Sunbrella – or other synthetic materials – will hold up best in the direct sunlight! AND… you can always add a horizontal “support” across the lower half of the window so you and family/guests are leaning on something other than glass. Good luck!

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