Seaside Chic – I think so anyway

August 3, 2014

20140803-122617-44777496.jpgI have read back and it seems I’ve made many promises about what I’d do (and not do) if I were to be lucky enough to some day have a beach house.  No “designer pillows”, “paint everything white” the list goes on and on. Well…

I’m a liar.

I’ve got a few pillows – 6 so far to be completely accurate – that are made from “designer” fabric, Not everything in my little getaway is painted white, and it is quickly becoming a mini petri dish of design experimentation.  Curated and decorated but with authentically aged pieces, family pieces, antiques, local art, and even the occasional seashell.  I’m happiest in a space that blurs the lines between something very vintage and something a bit more updated…  A mix of modern and vintage.  The interiors of our little house have mostly come together with items we had in the basement of our other house, things that belonged to my father and grandparents, shipped across the entire continent to be held in storage until now, and a few recently purchased pieces that give the spaces a modern punch.


Here I simply stacked a bunch of old crates that came out of my fathers plumbing shop in down town San Mateo.  My sister shipped them all out to me – way too cool to get rid of – and now they provide the perfect storage in our dining/guest/library room.  A white Saarinen gives this space a modern edge and creates a place to sit and eat, work or do a puzzle on a rainy day.



We have also decided to live with the green woodwork in the living room, for now… but it totally works and the over all color palette seems to have followed suit – neutrals of course and a lot of white with splashes of blues and greens – expectedly coastal I know, but it works.  I have embraced the green and it gives a turn of the century vibe, a 40’s 50’s vibe and a modern “designer” vibe too and I’m great with all of that.  You can’t tell but we hung an off white grasscloth wallpaper in this room to clean it up, soften the edges a bit and to add a layer that didn’t feel too heavy but gives depth.  There were box valances and curtains, those are all gone.  In their place are clean lined bamboo blinds that fold up like roman shades.   20140803-122618-44778175.jpgNot going to lie… I’m now on a tear.  Buying vintage pottery like a drunken sailor, oil paintings from the 20’s to the 60’s and  nautical themed ditties that have patina.  The coffee mug(s) pictured above is the latest splurge.  I love them.  I have my eye on a set of mixed color mixing bowls that remind me of a set my family has at our lake house in California and an oil painting of waves crashing on rocks painted sometime in the 1930’s.  The house is tiny so it shouldn’t be much longer before I run out of room.  Let me know if you want me to fill up a little (or not so little) house for you.


5 Responses to “Seaside Chic – I think so anyway”

  1. Dee Quinn Says:

    Absolutely love the green panelling, rich wood and leopard print! Such a great mix!

  2. […] worthy of showing off.  Until then… Check out my posts Summer (house) May 19, 2014 and SeaSide Chic – I think so anyway August 3, 2014 for previous posts featuring other shots of the house.  Cheers! […]

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