tiny houses, BIG dreams

September 15, 2011


This is the tiny house I covet most.  Steps to one of my favorite restaurants from a beautiful beach, a short walk into a bustling cape cod town and ocean views with the beach just a few yards away, this little charmer is really hard to imagine slipping through my fingers.  I haven’t figured out how I could $wing it, but I’m day dreaming about giving the interiors a fresh coat of white paint after I vault the ceilings.  I pretty certain the bathroom needs some major work but I’d keep the space funky and appropriate to the house and its location of course and by all means not make it fussy.  Beautiful yes, but not so decorated that you are not instantly comfortable in the breezy whitewashed rooms, wide board floors and the charming six over six windows.  I think I’d clean up the yard a bit around the houses foundation, adding softer shapes and plants that move like grasses.  I’d love it if the kitchen looked like this…

once it’s all white ( save the beams on the ceiling ) it would be quite charming.  ok, ok, maybe we’d have to hide the washing machine too, but you get my point.  This is a place that wants to stay easy and casual.  well scaled furniture is paramount in this little house, I know I’d go with chairs that looked something like this…

and a sofa like this…



6 Responses to “tiny houses, BIG dreams”

  1. richard Crisman Says:


  2. Claudia Says:

    H and I watch a lot of what we jokingly call “real estate porn” (e.g. House Hunters International, etc). Bet you could find a European style under-the-counter washing machine for your cottage.

  3. growtheflow Says:

    The washing machine makes the kitchen, although it would be better if it had less white plastic on the control panel.
    An Irishwoman in Fairhaven has her washing machine in the kitchen like this.
    That means the washing machine shares a drain with the kitchen sink. You could create a graywater-irrigated garden, ideally lawn-free and full of grasses, slipper shells, birdfeeders, and decaying wooden boats.

  4. […]  Many years ago I decided that I’d like to have a home in Provincetown,  it was in fact September 15, 2011 click to see entire post  (FIVE YEARS AGO) I set my eyes on this […]

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