Anthropologie Week – Day 3

January 24, 2011

Wallpaper at Anthropologie, who knew?  They have something for almost everyone…It’s updated, old-fashioned, bold and fresh,  and your granny’s paper.  All you have to do is pick one, that’s the hard part.  There were many great choices available the day I was in the Chelsea/Meatpacking store, and the one I looked at (see Above) was priced at $140 a roll – that would be considered higher-end in the industry.  What I would like to say about their papers in particular is that I think they are best suited to a smaller room ( foyer or powder room ) or as an accent wall or above a chair rail because they are all pretty powerful! Again with the statement making, I guess Anthropologie doesn’t do subtle; or they don’t do it like they do bold, anyway.   You gotta love a store that sells, dresses, candles, furniture, plates, light fixtures, jewelry, AND wallpaper!  …if I were a girl I think I might have to AA meetings, Anthropologie Anonymous, it’s all too cool.




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