Anthropologie Week – Day 2

January 23, 2011

Jewelry.  This is not the store to go to if you’re looking for a strand of pearls or your everyday jewelry… this is the store to go to if you want to be blown away by jewelry that is on the cutting edge of fashion, bold and unique statement making pieces is all you will find at Anthropologie.  Now that doesn’t mean you won’t find a pair of gold hoop earrings… but they will be unique in some way and beautiful in the smart way the hoop becomes the closure, simple and smart beautifully designed.  I looked at the hoops, and the dangly chandelier style earrings but it was the necklaces that impressed me the most.  Just look at the two I shot and posted with today’s blog.  I mean who thought of the linen(?) wrapped rings mixed with pearls and all jumbled up into one amazing necklace?  Of course the multi strand, mixed link, and ribbon with pearl trends all show up in this necklace but Anthropologie mixed three trends and made something that looks and feels artistic and “one of a kind” ( although I’m sure they made plenty of them ).  OK so the truth is while I love this necklace I’m sure not everyone could or would want to wear something so bold, I mean… That’s a lot of necklace!

…so here was my second favorite, or plan B.  Light and delicate, this piece could be worn with a long shift dress, linen or silk or worn with a crisp white shirt, or a sweater or even layered tank tops or a t-shirt.  The point: This necklace can be worn with almost anything.  I think it would be best in warm weather… for some reason the delicate chain of this piece makes me want to see it come out spring or summer but you really could wear this anytime with jeans or that little black dress you bought but haven’t had the reason to wear yet.  Create the reason to buy the necklace and have a great night out feeling good about yourself ( in jeans or the little black dress) because necklaces always fit!  and you’ll look good in it!

Honorable mention for this “tween” necklace… loved this one too!

it’s be”tween” chunky and light, change-up the ribbon to go with any outfit!



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