Geometrics On Your Floors, Walls and…

April 19, 2012

This cool painted geometric is the backdrop in a Ralph Lauren print ad that I saw in Elle Decor recently…  I’m in love with the soft hand-done look and texture it has.  Raised panel-ish, it’s not really trying to be something it’s not – not a faux anything – just a beautiful texture with a three dementional quality.  So of course after I saw this ad  – I had been lounging poolside – I googled handpainted geometric walls and found this…

The smarty pants – and talent – behind this writes a blog called gorgeous shiny things and her name is Danika Herrick.  Needless to say I’m smitten and have a new favorite blog? Maybe. She’s crazy talented and just a wee bit crazy (who paints a fabric pattern on a sheet linoleum floor??!).  Danika does, and it looks great plus she makes a mean stencil too.  How awesome is the pretty little mudroom above?  The pattern was borrowed from a  Quadrille – China Seas pattern.

Danika also had these to offer…

You guessed it this is the linoleum floor she painted…

And these found via James Andrew ( )…

The trellis pattern below is attributed to the late great Albert Hadley… he put the old in “Old Guard” and the Glam in just about everything he touched.  

BOTTOM LINE: Everything old is new again & If it’s boring… paint it.  Heck, it’s only a can of paint and a weekend, ok maybe 3 weekends, 6 bottles of wine and a divorce BUT it’ll look great.  Go get a paint brush!


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