White Kitchens

May 1, 2011

Give me a simple, undecorated white kitchen like this one and I’d be so perfectly happy.  I love that this kitchen is really nothing more than it needs to be.  No shiny stainless hood, no Ann Sachs ( one of the best resources in the trade FYI ) tile mosaic back splash… just a beautiful AGA cooker – in white of course – and plenty of room to move about.  The Aga is a stored-heat stove and cooker invented in 1929 by the Nobel Prize-winning Swedish physicist Gustaf Dalén.  The cookers are today manufactured by the AGA Rangemaster Group.

The genius here is the painted armoire as kitchen cabinets, upper and lowers built into one found and repurposed storage unit for clothing.  The stainless top of the white farm table gives plenty of room for chopping, rolling, shucking, mixing and gives four sides of work surface almost like two islands pushed together AND it does double duty as dining table when the host is so inclined.

This country house kitchen does have a dishwasher, that’s good because I hate dishes, but the charm of that little appliance next to the sink keeps the rooms vibe one of antiquity and more simple times.  Speaking of antiquity and charm I think I love the skirted sink.  These days the kitchen has become a bunker of raised and glazed panel doors with stainless tanks parked between them.  This softer side of the kitchen is so easy to be in and it relaxes me and allows me to breathe out.  less to worry about, fewer “trophies” to polish and shine.  I’m not suggesting we go back to storing veggies in root cellars, but I like the idea of a simple kitchen and a simpler way of life.

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