Decorating With Soul

May 2, 2011

I love the look and feel of this space. There is a “Single Man” vibe that comes with furnishings that are modern but not contemporary.  The modern here is vintage modern, it’s warm a bit quirky and authentic.  Time worn pieces give realness to a newly designed space even if the pieces are new to you.  This is true in a traditional setting too.  An antique or two ( or three ) lend soul to upholstered pieces that are typically new or newly upholstered when redesigning a space.  Pieces passed down from generation to generation are great and the history and connection to the past are so important when it comes to making a house a home, but you can ( and should ) do the same thing when starting from scratch.  Antique stores often offer a plethora of good deals and multiple opportunities to layer a space with pieces with history and typically come in under what a new piece of furniture of the same quality might cost.

So you’re look isnt antique you say?  Well an industrial or salvaged item, or found object can do the same for a modern space that an antique can do for a more traditional space.  A recycled lamp with chipped paint, or a coffee table made from a salvaged door… anything like that will give a clean modern space a bit of “history” layering the look and providing depth where there might have been none previously.  oh, and it is a green way to decorate…


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