White Kitchens

May 24, 2012

Not quite white but close enough, this is a really beautiful space.  love the giant stone tiled floor what a statement maker and a perfect foil for the small tiles on the back wall and the board ceiling…  texture everywhere but nothing fights.  I’m a fan of the low window sills at the sink and covet the Chicago style goose neck faucet.  The inset doors on the cabinetry are also a high-end choice but make the cabinets so elegant and streamlined.  Maybe the table is a bit small?  Love the charm and warmth of the wood, a great choice for middle of this space, use what you have it creates a less planed look, but make sure what you use in a kitchen is user-friendly.  lastly, the sink and countertops… not sure what type of stone, but LOVE the sink made from the countertop material.  Perfect.

totally different vibe from the last one but there is so many good things about this kitchen.  Starting with the wall of slab material. So, so pretty.  Clean, simple, dramatic, modern, expensive… yes it’s all of those things but in a simple kitchen like this with sleek shiny cabinets and minimal hardware the dominance of the movement in the stone is perfect.  And would you look at the detail in the pattern of the tiled floor?  Love that they didn’t just do a 12 x12 or for that matter a 12 x24 or any other popular choice for tile floors these days.  The varrying sizes and interesting pattern give interest without overwhelming the small space.

Not sure how useable the stool are without an overhang… but love this kitchen and the coffee station built-in to the wall of open shelves.  The idea of wallpaper on the back wall is a nice touch, it adds a bit of color without making the room too busy.  This kitchen also sports inset cabinet doors and what looks to be Carrara marble.

Last but not least, the humble kitchen.  Tiny in size and traditional in materials this little kitchen was designed to pack it all in and still give as much counter top as possible.  That’s probably why they went with a glass top range, it allows for prep space when not in use.  not a lot of storage here but upper cabinets would have really closed the space in… I think they made all the right choices here except I’m not sure if I’m loving the pillowed subway tile.  With the board walls and the bead-board cabinet doors there are a lot of lines in this tiny space.  I might have liked the soapstone? counter top material as the backsplash and added a lower shelf (not as deep as the top shelf) so the slab didn’t have to be as tall and there would be another place for utensils, spices or dinnerware.



May 23, 2012

I admit it, I’m a snob.  I prefer high quality, flawlessly designed furniture (and clothes).  I am of the school that “you get what you pay for” and my favorite line is: BUY THE BEST, CRY ONCE.  But, for the record IKEA really impressed me on a recent visit.  It’s down right CHEAP, it’s really well designed and they have their look “down pat”.  I could have spent $1000.00 – and in the world of home furnishings that’s not a lot – and left with a car load, ok maybe two car loads full of groovy stuff.

I would have spent the majority of my money on rugs, lighting and small rigid frame chairs.  I’m leery of IKEA’s upholstery, convinced it will not be comfortable.  And, I don’t like many of their case pieces – I don’t want to have to build it, and I’m sure it will fall apart in a year – But… the before mentioned rugs, lights and occasional chairs (and maybe even some window treatment options) looked like they would hold up, add a modern twist to any space and leave you with enough in your wallet to buy a quality sofa.

I Look At Porn

May 23, 2012


Trends in Handbags

May 22, 2012

Not a typical blog for me, I thought I’d share my opinion on trends in womens purses and bags as a favor to someone I know.  I think color blocking is big, both tonal combinations and strong contrasting patches of color are popping up on many designers handbags, wallets and other luxury leather items.

To be honest, I’m not sure what this shape is called but this bag and many others like it are a double force.  Not only are they color blocked, they are the shape of the season – and many to come I predict.  This shaps comes after the tote, popular for many years, this is really a corss between a Kelly bag and a modified tote with a more secure top… plus this bag converts (it folds in its sides) to become a smaller more elegant bag.  

Speaking of the tote… it’s still everywhere!  Women have invested in quality bags and this shape is going nowhere because of it.  Louis Vuitton is/was the leader in popularity when it comes to the tote.  Many have followed suit and you can find this shape in every color and texture.

Above are some color blocked and animal skin totes and below just one example of the Louis Vuitton tote.

…And here is what Vuitton and other designers are moving toward this fall and winter: Straps, Sporty Stripes and Fur.  Bags will be confident in size and bold in style.

Country Living in NYC

May 21, 2012

I think I promised a post for Manhattan.  Well yesterday was absolutely beautiful in the city so my husband and I took a ride down the west side of the island along the Hudson River, past the Chelsea Pier, the Frying Pan down the Hudson river greenway, past the pier 62 sake park and all the way to Battery Park and back.  Along the way we stopped by an installation of 3 modular homes put on by Country Living and sponsored by Benjamin Moore – among others.

Country Living is currently presenting their 2012 House of the Year building project, Room to Spare, on display at New York City’s World Financial Center from May 17-23. Built by Affinity Building Systems, this year’s project is a first for the magazine; rather than one house, they are featuring three micro-cottages, all styled by Country Living editors in conjunction with guest designers and experts — including Thomas Paul, Marcus Samuelsson and Ruard Veltman.  The cottages are nicely appointed and details were all done quite nicely.

Room to Spare taps into a growing trend: highly versatile micro-cottages. Separate from a main residence, these little buildings enable homeowners to add square footage without the inconvenience of major construction. And, they can be customized to suit any need, including the options Country Living chose to high-light: outdoor kitchen/dining room; guest room; and entrepreneur’s studio/home office.

Read more: Room to Spare Cottages – Country Living House of the Year 2012 – Country Living

If you’re in or around Manhattan in the next few days, check it out!


May 21, 2012

I love Facebook.  This morning when I was checking in I saw a post from an event a friend had tagged or liked – an image of the table setting is what i was intrigued by , with really great flatware and china.  So I clicked on the image and lo and behold the original poster of the image mentioned that the flatware is by a company from Portugal called Cutipol and the pattern is GOA.  So Googled that and was directed to a website called… Horne.  OK, so Horne has furniture, lighting, dinnerware, well a bit of everything actually, all modern and cool. Not cheap but a great resource for all things contemporary.  Among the modern coolness were these:shophorne.com

The Mix Boxes return a lo-fi interactivity to a world made busy by complex devices and objects. The set includes six well-crafted boxes of varying size that allow you to create compositions based on your unique design and storage needs.

Life is fluid: When circumstances change, The Mix Boxes change with them. Sideboard, bookcase, bedside tables or media storage – the uses are endless. This is not a static piece of furniture that dominates a room. The set encourages interaction and lets you bring your own personality to the product.

  • Free Shipping
  • Dimensions:
    2 Small Boxes: 17.25″w x 10.5″d x 5.5″h
    2 Medium Boxes: 17.25″w x 14.25″d x 12.5″h
    1 Long Box: 38″w x 12″d x 7″h
    1 Large Box: 38″w x 15.5″d x 14″h
  • Birch Veneer – Strong Dovetail Joints
  • Direct Made in Pheonix, AZ, USA.
  • Easy No assembly required.

Coastal Living

May 20, 2012


You all know that I’m happy to use color in my designs, but I do prefer to apply color sparingly.  These pictures of someone else’s work resonate with me because of the massive amounts of white that give the colors room and a place for the eye to rest.  Love, Love, Love these happy bright rooms.  I’d be proud to say I had designed them, and I’d happily visit them on a vacation or summer home… but I would need less “cheer” for my full-time residence.