white, White, WHITE!

March 26, 2016


Ok first things first… the above image is the beautiful, thoughtful interiors at the Old Homestead in Provincetown Ma.  I’ve not yet had the pleasure of seeing the interiors first hand, but I intend to correct that in the very near future.  As you can see the eye on this project is/was impeccable.  Serious inspiration for a small kitchen/bathroom project in my near future.  If you intend to visit Provincetown, check out the Old Homestead.  one word Chic!  Don’t make me list the things I love: Shiplap, appliances, stools, rafters, lights….


I’m in the market for a new kitchen and bathroom, and these images are my inspiration.  A great way to get your head around the look you want for a new space is to pull images of rooms you like.  The pictures don’t have to be exactly what you think you want, or the same configuration you have to design, they are meant to borrow ideas from, to fine tune your likes and hobble together your own style by picking and choosing elements that speak to  you. imageimageimageimageClearly, I like a goose neck faucet with a “Chicago style” above counter valve.  These images also suggest I’m headed to a slab backsplash (swoon) and white cabinets with inset doors.  There many other details to iron out, but thats a good start.image

Nice doors! and, shot doesn’t love a footed vanity? image

This Floor is to die for!image

I’m not sure this sink is for me, but theres a lot here I like. image

That sink again… it’s still a no, I need a counter top.

Its not the first time, and I promise it won’t be the last time I blog about white kitchens and bathrooms…  whats not to like?!?  But, I will leave it there for now.  Happy decorating!


Take a Seat

February 28, 2016

imageThere is nothing like a comfortable place to relax, be it a fresh white kitchen or a dark sexy den… the one thing that remains constant is the comfort of a welt built, well proportioned piece of upholstery. I love a built-in banquette, they are cozy and allow for the comfort and long lounging we all crave in places like a kitchen.  I’d be sitting in one right now with a cup of coffee wring this blog, if I had a banquette.  image Read the rest of this entry »

Let them (me) eat CAKE!

January 16, 2016

Who doesn’t love cake? Always They festive cakes are only made better by adding sprinkles.  Happy & sweet, sprinkles harken back to a simpler time, they are an old-timey decoration that is back with a vengeance.  I’m just going to put it out there that 1. I’m on a diet, so of course I’m obsessing about Cake (and all the other things I shouldn’t be eating) and 2. I have a big birthday is coming up this summer so I’ve started to think about what the celebration might look like… And it looks like CAKE! Cake with sprinkles that is. I love Cake. A lot.

I feel like a big birthday is the perfect time to go way over the top. Weddings have to be classy but birthdays should be festive.  So I’m going to plan out the cake of all cakes! I definitely going with a multi tiered cake. But first, the interior: One should have multi-colored cake layers, this will be for the guests.  I’d like one with sprinkles in the cake (for leftovers) and maybe the top tier chocolate. I’ll take the top tier as my own personal mini cake please! Could you put a Barbie in it?!


So there definitely has to be a Sprinkles layer like this one!  Arn’t they fun? Next, because it would balance the other tiers, a white layer with flowers – because cakes have flowers on them.  And then a frosted layer, with a design of some sort like the zig zag inspired by Missoni or maybe a paisley motif. Thats four tiers so maybe there should be a Red Velvet  tier, because the color would be so good with all the other colors.


Now, all I have to do is hope my husband see’s this post and remembers it in time to order it up for me.  Don’t worry I’ll be sure to remind him : )  I’m also not above ordering my own cake.


White Kitchens

January 13, 2016

I’m still a fan.  I love white kitchens.  I am convinced that in time we will look back on what is trending now (grey cabinets, brass pulls and faucets especially) and remark at how “Two Thousand Teens” they look.  Stained cabinetry has certainly had it’s fair share of stepping in and out of the spot light over the last several decades, our on again off again love affair with stained cabinets is always fleeting or coming back… I prefer it stay in the past.  The kitchen should feel clean, bright crisp and fresh.  If you want to feel like your in a wood paneled den… GO IN THE DEN.          f59f6025a4ca81f95c6cd64ff8194efeWhite kitchens with Carrera Marble is a classic combination.  Is the over use and the seemingly endless love affair going to die?  I’m going to say No!  Subway tile on the other hand and the overuse of bead-board has to have a shelf life and I for one think were due for a surge toward something different, something new, something fresh.  I am a fan of slab backsplash.  I love the clean unfussy, monolithic approach to a functional and clean environment.

3bf2cd05339d69d97f17835889d06438 f1281061ce9f7b30f2ce72b85759258c Amy Bartlam Photography 5570db0118340b7b2d1cdf0cd6c2d50c

I know this last one isn’t a kitchen… but it’s cute.  And, I will admit this blog post feels a bit cautionary toward not falling into the trappings of what is trending so posting shiplap or horizontal boards is a bit contradictory.  It is peaking RIGHT NOW, I promise you that… But it’s a great look.  d31387195cc5fa66055881bd82a10396



January 11, 2016

So, this is what heaven looks like I’m sure.  No… Really, H.E.A.V.E.N. At least I hope so. Just look at the beauty called the Dunmore Hotel & Resort.  I think their design team nailed the look! The entire resort has a sophisticated yet relaxed look to it, one that allows you to exhale but reminds you that you’re somewhere special.  Just look at the dining room shot below, I love the collected treasures and old photographs… they add warmth and patina to an otherwise crisp and  bleached out space.  And, who doesn’t love a stripe?  They are clearly cuckoo for stripes judging from these pictures (pictures that were in fact found on Instagram, I give credit at the bottom for each individual who posted them).



In their own words…

Welcome to The Dunmore, a Harbour Island resort where the exceptional is part of each day. At our Caribbean beach hotel, you’ll experience the profound warmth of our people in a timeless retreat that blends classic elegance with contemporary comforts.

Our resort in the Bahamas overlooks the sea’s spectrum of blues and the celebrated pink sands that are uniquely Harbour Island. Join us at The Dunmore for your Bahamian holiday, and discover why we have been inspiring memories since 1963.

A little bit about the island…

Harbour Island, in the Bahamas, is one of the most celebrated destinations in the Caribbean. On the Atlantic side of the island are the famous pink sand beaches. A three-mile stretch of indescribable beauty, the sand here is truly pink. Sifted and smoothed by generations of waves, the sands are coloured by finely crushed coral. A light rose blush by day, they become a vibrant pink at sunset. With its gentle sands and the ribbons of blue in the sea, it is often called the world’s most beautiful beach.

Beyond the beauty of the beaches is the charm of the island itself. This precious place is a historic destination, dating to 1791 when Lord Dunmore, who had a summer residence here, planned the streets of the town. Today, well-preserved cottages are nestled along the streets where golf carts are now the transportation of choice.

image image image

image image  image

I wanted you to see the folks who captured these great images… follow them on Instagram!


Architecture of Instagram

January 9, 2016

imageI have made this confession before, but I will make it again… My blog suffered the day I discovered Instagram.  It occupies every minute I allow it to.  I look at it before email, Facebook or any other Ap. or program, I guess you could say I’m addicted.  One (of many) favorite pastimes on Instagram is stalking beautiful acrhitecture.  Every style from every corner of the earth, every thing I didn’t even know existed is on Instagram, at my fingertips.  Just look at these beauties… imageL.A., man… Nobody does it quite like Los Angeles.  This courtyard of apartments is so charming, isn’t it? Probably 1920’s.  They had me with the Spanish influences but the symmetry of this one is so great.  Looks like every detail is intact.  I could live there. imageOh, you fancy huh?  Well there’s plenty of fancy to be had in Instagram… just look at this stunner. Metal window frames, classic architecture, formal black and white palette… this house could be 1930’s or 1940’s but could just as easily be contemporary.  My guess is it’s new built to look old.  I love it.  I could live here. imageIf I was going to build a home this one would educate the decisions I made.  I love that way if feels rural and farmy but still has a clean, crisp modern bend to it.  What you can’t see is the back of this beauty, it’s almost all glass.  Is that metal siding? love. Giant sliding doors? love. And when those trees mature a bit and create a long allee… perfection!  I L.O.V.E. this one too.  imageChic… that is all. C.H.I.CimageIf I had to be an urban dweller, this would fine with me… the breeze sole over the upstairs side windows… imageAnd, I ‘m pretty sure I like this shot because I love the clean traditional shoe of this structure, I love the clean white siding and all that glass… who wouldn’t want this much connection to their back yard? the interior looks pretty perfect and if that upstairs room is the master?! Hello, I’m in!


Blackberry Farm

January 7, 2016


I’ve never been to Blackberry Farm but these images (all from Instagram) made the decision for me to add it to my “must visit” list. I had never even heard of this beautiful place until today, but just look at it.  I’m sure my southern friends will say “hello, where have you been…”  I’m just happy to have discovered Blackberry Farm.  The decor and care and attention to detail is clearly something they pride themselves on.  To see many more beautiful images and to learn more about Blackberry farm visit their website here.  Here’s more in their words (taken for their website)…

In 1939, Mrs. Florida Lasier of Chicago snagged her silk stockings on a wild blackberry bramble while exploring the idyllic Smoky Mountain foothills, and the name Blackberry Farm was born. Thirty-nine years later, the Beall family invested their hearts and souls in the same romantic site that has become their family home and lifelong passion. Today, one of America’s most celebrated intimate luxury hotels beckons discerning guests who aspire to escape modern-day frenzy and slip into a Blackberry state of mind. Situated on a pastoral 9,200-acre estate in the Great Smoky Mountains, Blackberry will show you the many reasons why it is one of the top rated properties in the world.


Whether you select the intimate charm of an Estate Room, the legendary elegance of a spacious Singing Brook, Farmstead Cottage, Holly Glade Suite or luxurious comforts of a Hill Cottage, Blackberry Farm’s accommodations offer a haven of carefree comfort. From heavenly feather beds adorned with sumptuous linens to plush robes and luxurious amenities, your accommodations reflect a meticulous attention to detail.


Winter Rates available January – March:
Roaring fires, frosty mornings and everything signature Blackberry Farm in between – plus our annual winter rates for rooms and activities. No matter what draws you, there are plenty of reasons to slip away to Blackberry this Winter and enjoy the stillness of the smokies during truly one of the loveliest times of the year.
(Winter rates available from January 1 – March 13, 2016)

Winter Romantic Escape: Spend more time together at Blackberry Farm in an exclusive offer for a complimentary fourth night when you book three weeknights during December-March. You will also receive a split of champagne on arrival, a seasonal welcome amenity, and a rose petal turndown one evening.
Call 800–557-8864 for information and details. *subject to availability

imageNo promotional enticements or fees were paid for this blog by Blackberry Farm or another person or company.  This is just me, telling you what I think is chic and what deserves to be celebrated and admired.