January 7, 2013

259519997247108103_WqD7sBHx_c I want one.  NO, I REALLY WANT ONE.  So much so I might just make one.  how hard could it be?  Looks to me like you sew two small blankets together and you’re done, Bata-bing Bata-boom!  But I have to say the above “slicker” style poncho is very cool – harder to make so I might have to figure out who designed this one and buy it.  I don’t remember where this image came from… something makes me think it’s Tommy Hilfiger, I’m not always a fan of his but this poncho rocks.  A Bing or Google search came up with some great alternatives…

non1417bei_01This one from – NonnativeALRBB138_v1LThis one from –
4190030751_2-ponchoThis one from – earthwatch.comAALPO036_L…or if this was brown or grey or navy. Don’t care that it’s “for ladies” (also from Alpaca Mall).

product_737_fileTheres even a poncho for people in wheelchairs at!

Ponchos for EVERYONE! Look even the cool kids are wearing them…capa-poncho

Who wants to help me sew one? Stay tuned…

Bill Ingram – Architect

January 3, 2013


Facebook is a crazy and great place.  It’s where friends are made, kept, re-made, and where family, friends stay in touch and sometimes friends of friends of friends turn into friends.  Bill Ingram is someone I have never met, but I’m friends with a member of his staff and now we are acquainted via Facebook.  His work is some of the best I’ve seen in a very long time.  Bill’s work can have a whimsy, but it’s not silly,  It says quality and luxe without being unnecessarily extravagant,  it’s updated and fresh but it has the look that it might have been there forever.  Frankly his work is so top-notch, I’m fearful that I won’t do it justice.  Enjoy these images and click over to his website to see more of his beautiful work.  
579836_10152138414965615_1635416157_n five two551040_10151437592060615_1586732844_n 304743_10151983055905615_645750673_n 538993_10151983056595615_918053669_n 385568_10151983057285615_1595166884_n Enjoy more of Bill’s work here:


White Kitchens

January 2, 2013


Some day I’ll have a summer-house, and in it a small WHITE KITCHEN.  Not a trophy kitchen, just a simple white kitchen, with cutting board countertops and painted floors.  My big splurge might be a soapstone or farmers sink, and maybe inset doors on my base cabinets, that is of course they need replacing.  I’m hoping for funky, old and paintable.  Easy feeling and relaxed…white-kitchen-l I might even paint the cabinets taupe, who knows…474989091918878327_Va9x42Fc_c inside glass cabinets could end up a color…59532026294096779_7HhwlTKv_c if it’s really tiny, I might put a shelf in front of the window…274156696035968355_hE0I9aoW_c...but it will be white, easy and casual.  I want to feel relaxed in my summer (all year) escape and for visitors to feel like they can exhale.  Til then, I’ll keep dreaming.

Black & White

January 1, 2013

The white painted brick, white beams, black floor… yes please. The painted ceiling and brick, although painted white offer great texture and depth. Most people think of black and white interiors as pretty last-luster but this pallet is the perfect back drop for and  lets art and furnishings stand out.

DHD Architecture modern loft interiors

DHD Architecture modern loft interiors

DHD Architecture modern loft interiors

DHD Architecture modern loft interiors

DHD Architecture modern loft interiors

DHD Architecture modern loft interiors

DHD Architecture modern loft interiors

DHD Architecture modern loft interiors

DHD Architecture modern loft interiors


Museum of Fine Art – Boston

December 28, 2012


With a few extra days after Christmas and my Mom still in town exploring Boston was the perfect thing to do and what treasures Boston has, among them the Museum of Fine Art or MFA.  Always a pleasure, I find myself drawn to the Americas wing.  Fine and decorative arts spanning decades are displayed so beautifully  and the range from crude and rustic to deco and even modern is so thorough. The museum feels intimate although quite large.  I loved the details shown in each of the dining chairs they have on display from different manufactures across the nation most from the late 1700’s, similar in many (most) respects considering the distance between furniture makers, these chairs point of origin are all different but clearly what was in vogue at the time had the strength of popularity to in force certain details… trendy if you will:  The carved and bowed leg, the claw and ball foot.   Aren’t these chairs beautiful?  chairphoto5 chairphoto4 chairphoto3 chairphoto2

Christmas on County Street

December 24, 2012


Before the garland and lights…


With Christmas just a day away the holiday season approaches its climax. No doubt your home is glowing with the warmth of the season, trees are up and lit, packages are making their way under the tree, the smell of baked goodies is in the air and balsam, fir and pine is adding to the aroma from the fire in the fireplace.

I enjoy decorating for Christmas and keep it pretty traditional around here.  I thought today you might enjoy seeing what My house looks like this time of year so I’d like to share some personal SNAPshots with you on this Christmas Eve.  
photo photo photo photo photo photo photo



December 22, 2012

Nantucket, AD, Victoria Hagan, Living Room 1 martha's vineyard, ahearnarchitecture 7 coastal
The Islands of Nantucket & Martha’s Vineyard might be going into hibernation right about now but the projects with completion dates for mid to late spring are amping up bit time.  I will be heading to each island several times this winter to review construction and do a walk-through on lighting, floor plans, and paint selections on several projects.  There is a “look” on the islands.  Folks all seem to want their own personal take on interiors but there is a vernacular that seems to guide and inform many homeowners.  Because the building codes and rules about style, color, shingle etc are so rigid, perhaps many are used to following the “rules”…  But, I would describe the force as the “look” people want because it is the island loo.   People are drawn to the islands for the “look” and don’t necessarily need to recreate the mold when they are building their own dream home.


This would be closer to my version of the “look”.. updated an a bit more playful.  The animal patterns are fun and the boldness of the patterns wake-up the otherwise somber room.

jean allsopp dueling two toned sofas in television tv room den tan velvent and white wood slat ceiling fireplace animal hyde skin rug cococozy

This one too!  Fresh and crisp, rustic with a bit of modern form and bold color… the island “look” only fresher.

mvpartyphotoAnd, just incase you’re wondering… yes, there is an island “look” when it comes to dressing.  Vera, Tory, Lilly… Oh My!  yes those three ladies seem to be dressing everyone on the islands.  There are a few Bohemians that prefer long skirts and long necklaces in earth tones, but for the most part, the code is bold, pink, patterned and really, really top drawer!


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