James Perse

March 8, 2013

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James Perse Furniture is a natural extension of the brand, with the same essential qualities as the clothing. It is classic, simple, and timeless — the essence of casual living. The collections – Malibu, Nor Cal, Los Angeles and Brentwood – appeal to a broad style of homes, from traditional to modern, and include both indoor and outdoor pieces.
Picture 47James Perse Furniture is made in the USA and sold exclusively at James Perse Boutiques and the James Perse Showroom in Los Angeles.   For more information, please contact furniture@jamesperse.com or visit the James Perse Showroom.

Brentwood Collection
The Brentwood collection is sleek and sophisticated lending itself to a wide variety of décors. Its design is classic and suits both elegant and casual environments. The collection is available in ash wood with an espresso or white finish, as well as top quality teak grown on an environmentally friendly farm.   
The collection includes the Balfour Dining Table, BurlingameTable, Barrington Coffee Table, Hillcrest Console, Concord Desk, and the Helena Dining Stool.



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Los Angeles Collection

The Los Angeles Collection is a modern interpretation of the Craftsman style – warm and rustic with clean elegant lines. Pieces are available for indoors, in rough sawn white oak and can be upholstered in 100% Belgium or Italian basket weave linens or a cotton linen blend. For outdoor use, the collection is available in top quality teak grown on an environmentally friendly farm and upholstered with premium all weather fabrics to ensure lasting outdoor use. The collection includes the Craftsmen Bed, Sofa, Chair, and Ottoman. 


Nor Cal Collection
A collection of upholstered pieces that capture the refined and relaxed quality of the James Perse aesthetic: modern and timeless. Fabrics are offered in 100% Belgium and Italian basket weave linens as well as a cotton linen blend, and express a lived in and laundered look. The collection includes the Sonoma Bed, Sofa, Chair and Chaise, the Napa Sofa and Chair, and the Carmel Ottoman.  

Picture 23 james-perse-furniture-collection-3    

Malibu Collection
A collection of classic outdoor furniture updated and refined to reflect the James Perse aesthetic. Made of top quality teak grown on an environmentally friendly farm, the Malibu Collection is upholstered with premium all weather fabrics to ensure lasting outdoor use.  The collection includes the Malibu Sling Chair, Westward Wedge, Montecito Daybed and Chair, Carbon Chaise, Cross Creek Director’s Chair, Colony Chair, and the La Piedra Side Table. james-perse-furniture-collection-1


Pacific Design Center
8687 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles CA 90069
Tel 323 606 7660





Hedingham Castle

February 18, 2013

Hedingham Castle was constructed in 1140AD, both by and for the famous de Vere family. These Earls of Oxford lived here for more than five centuries, and to this day the castle remains under the ownership of their descendants, the Lindsay family. As one of Britain’s oldest buildings, the stunning keep still overlooks almost the entire county of Essex, with its 12-foot thick walls and original Norman architectural flourishes having been admired by numerous royal visitors including Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. Close by is the Queen Anne House, constructed in 1720 and overlooking a lake and glorious wooded grounds which are populated by a profusion of birds, flora and fauna.


Hedingham Castle’s famous Norman keep, and its fine Queen Anne house, together with their beautiful grounds, lake and woodland, provide superb locations suitable for a wide variety of filming and photographic shoots.Hedingham_-_Lodge_drawing_room


The historic buildings include the well-preserved 12th century keep consisting of four floors, with a magnificent banquet hall and minstrels’ gallery. Adjacent to the castle is a Queen Anne house (most of these images are of it) with elegant old-fashioned rooms overlooking the lake, and a charming octagonal dovecote built in 1720.


Some of the productions the castle and house have been hired for include the BBC drama “Ivanhoe”, various documentaries such as “Made in Britain” with Fred Dibnah, The Shakespeare Theory with Sir Derek Jacobi and History of Britain with Simon Schama.


Hedingham Castle is on the North Essex / Suffolk border, 60 miles from London.  For location charges and further information please contact them.


The Castle was also used for a feature film starring Willem Dafoe & Gina Mckee with Renaissance Films entitled “The Reckoning”. Magazine and photo shoots include “Vanity Fair” featuring Alexander McQueen… oh, and the grounds are lovely too!Hedingham_Garden_-_View_down_lake

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photo copy 7Not going to lie… The PUPPY along with a busy work schedule is taking its toll on me.  I’m runnin every day, working on designs for clients, making deliveries, and managing the paperwork, scheduling and other details that go along with a busy design practice… But today I found the time to have a runner installed on the back stairs at my house, yeah… MY HOUSE.  You’ve heard about the cobblers kids right? …they go around with old or no shoes, well I am no longer the designer with an unfinished staircase.  I have been a fan of this pattern for some time (I’ve used it more than once for clients) and love the way it turned out.      
photo copy 8
Speaking of clients, the sofa for this room finally arrived today.  The clients were in town last week for just a day or two are thrilled how things are turning out.  I can’t wait to hang art add accessories and the finishing details.  Once that happens I’ll be sure to get some professional shots before the clients start enjoying the house.  I have a beautiful pair of embroidered pillows in mind for that sofa!photo copy 10While at the New York Gift Show I spied this new color of the ever popular “Cats Paw” rug from Dash and Albert.  A fan for years of Dash and Albert for Summer homes and coastal cottages, I can not tell you how happy I was to see this affordable and durable wool rug in a palette I am literally in love with.  This rug is my soft, tonal, “greige” dream-come-true… It looks good with warm tan walls, grey walls and countless other colors and that’s why I ordered several for the store today , so excited.photo copy 9And, I helped install these custom-made drapery today.  The green flange at the lead-edge coordinates with a slip-covered chair and ottoman and the neutral colored sofa and love seat have orange and lime patterned pillows, perfect!  Now All I need is the sofa and the love seat, they’re still at the upholsterer (the slip-covers are custom).  I have been assured they will be done before this client returns from traveling for work.

photo copy 12I ‘d be lying if I told you I worked out today… But it has become a regular thing for me.  I’m seeing my trainer two to three times a week, I am committed to having the body I want by summer.  A trip to Mexico at the end of this month is coming a bit too quickly, I’m not where I want to be just yet, but the warmth and sunshine will be a good reminder of why I’m working out and help me stay on track.  I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t splurge from time to time.  Last week in Boston I had a great meal at cinquecento and I did have dessert.  This panna cotta was infused with bay laurel and was served with a cherry coulis, and it was worth every calorie!  If you’re in Boston check out this boisterous and popular eatery.  photo copy 11 In my down-time (7pm to 10pm) I blog, Facebook, Instagram, cook healthy dinners, play with the dogs, wash the dishes, email family, and occasionally try to catch-up on my DVR’d TV shows (Downton Abbey being the only show I try not to miss) and I squeeze in a bit of work from time to time.  I actually love sitting on the sofa, with a dog on my lap, poking around Pinterest, Zinc Door and many other great resources for furniture and accessories with my husband across the room while I enjoy the warmth and the crackle of the fireplace.  

the New York Gift Show

January 29, 2013

I got back late last night from the New York Gift Show. We’re talking acres and acres of home accessories, tabletop, jewelry & bags, and plenty of crazy randomness in between to keep it comical. There was much to see and I managed to see a lot ( enough ) in the one full day I was there. Buying for the store is like decorating for a dozen clients or more, all at once. You have to think about crafting a vision for merchandising when things arrive, buying “whats next” while buying what feels clients will be comfortable with and you have to cater those tastes to as many potential buyers as possible… After all selling your wares is the name of the game.


I expected to be buying hot bright colors for Spring/Summer, Dash & Albert rugs, indoor-outdoor ottomans, Sunbrella throws and the like but as you will see, my heart, my style and my gut all lead me back to rich and subtle tans, greys, aqua and navy. Always in my comfort zone and always in good taste.20130129-080618.jpg

We bought tables full of Chinese ceramics, blue and white pots, vases and bowls. Beautiful Tibetan rugs in pale heathered hues in (what else) tans greys and aquas. As well as deep colbalt table lamps, burnished brass decorotive mirrors and chandeliers made of hemp and beads of glass or stone… AMAZING!20130129-080627.jpg

So there are some of the Navy treasures, and here are some pretty aqua inspired finds I couldn’t live without…






Linen is one of the oldest woven fabrics in human history. Made of fibers from the flax plant, this material was once considered suitable only for royalty.  This is an expensive fabric to manufacture. Flax is a temperamental plant to grow, and the quality of the finished product depends largely on the quality of the plant itself. The flax fibers are found in the stalk, which is picked by hand to preserve the fibers’ integrity — another reason flax is expensive.  Separating the fibers is also a long and tedious process if performed correctly. Some flax is processed on cotton machines, but this results in a lower-quality finished fiber. Most fabric flax is grown today in Western Europe, and the finer quality linen comes from there, as well.  Linen is a strong and natural fabric suitable for everything from Window treatments, to bedding to upholstery to clothing.


I love linen because it’s the only fabric I feel you can invite to any party.  Linen does black tie, mix it with crystal, gold, Rocco details and silk and it fits right in.  It’s a quality fabric and makes a beautiful velvet and looks like a million embroidered.  Not the style your looking for? No problem, Lien plays well with Cotton (Denim, Duct, Twill, Poplin, you-name-it).  When Cotton is Linens Baby-Daddy the product is an easily cared for, all natural blend that….   Linen will mix with iron and glass, marble and polished chrome and brass and lucite it just depends on how you employ it.Linen makes a great sofa fabric high brow or low brow however I prefer it tightly upholstered.  It behaves better.  If you want slip-covers look for a blend or go cotton so it has complete and total washability, the reason for slip-covers if you ask me.   Linen drapes hang beautifully but don’t expect a crisp starched look.  Very quickly after hanging linen will find it comfort zone and relax into a soft edged vibe that begs you to relax and unwind.  Try linen drapes in a bedroom, beach house or any where you want a soft romantic aesthetic.

210191507578740460_xZxcOEnd_c(SIDE BAR: Drinking Game!  Every time I refer to my self (I, ME, MY) you take a DRINK, everytime I use the word love, you take a DRINK and every time I use the word aesthetic finish your drink… BOTTOMS UP!  Thats it’s.  Please if you decide to play, try to read after 5pm, in the comfort of your own home… and remember DRINK responsibly)


OK, back to Linen and it’s many virtues.  did you know… Good quality linen is soft and largely free of the “slubs” or small knots often associated with it. Slubs are only found in lesser quality fabric.  Linen is moth-resistant and repels dirt. It can absorb and lose water quickly, and it can also help “wick” perspiration away from the skin.  Modern garments made from linen are expensive because of the expensive manufacturing and weaving process. However, the fabric readily accepts dye, so it can be manufactured in many colors. The material is lightweight, which makes it suitable for spring and summer wear. It looks crisp, cool and neat, even on the warmest days. Most linen can also be washed in a home machine.

My Style

January 13, 2013

429866_10150493660947371_381753538_n 228198_1041252237320_2581_nBeing an interior designer is a funny thing.  You create environs for others to live in and during that process, you negotiate… you are the curator but the result must be something the client likes, you are striving for good design, taste, scale, aesthetic but ultimately the client will pay for it, own it and live with it.  There are handfuls of designers that execute their own style every time the decorate for a client.  This client is typically wealthy beyond your typical well-off client and emotionally removed from the project in some way ( It’s hard to care about a ski house in Aspen when your on Mustique with family and worried about your New York City apartment not being ready when you get back from vacation).  Those clients exist, they are great clients to have but most people spending tens (ok 100’s ) of thousands on the interiors of a home are invested, have an opinion and want a certain look.  You’re a lucky designer if they tell you they want “your look”.

537030_420269384655083_146440612037963_1928101_2139081493_nI get pretty charged when I fall for something, a sofa, piece of art, a certain print fabric, a rug… I fall hard and I hit an emotional brick wall when client don’t respond to said item the way I have.  I bounce back, I have to and I learn something about the client along the way, his/her likes or dislikes and I move on… But a tiny little piece of my creative soul dies – trust me it is minuscule and there is plenty of creative soul in me, I can afford to lose that weight!  But the project doesn’t stay on the route I saw it taking, even if we end up at the same place in the end, forks in the road are not certain when there is a client who approves ( or disapproves ) colors, furnishings or art &  accessories.  When it comes right down to it, my style is not such an easy target to hit.  I love a white-painted floor and exposed rafters, but it has to be appropriate to the structure and it’s location.  I’m partial to clean masculine lines and modern details, but currently I live in, and celebrate, a turn-of-the-century house so my “look” has become a tad traditional in recent years.  And, of course there is the small detail of budget.  I love what I have but if $ were no object, I’m sure things would look a tad different in my house.


Museum of Fine Art – Boston

December 28, 2012


With a few extra days after Christmas and my Mom still in town exploring Boston was the perfect thing to do and what treasures Boston has, among them the Museum of Fine Art or MFA.  Always a pleasure, I find myself drawn to the Americas wing.  Fine and decorative arts spanning decades are displayed so beautifully  and the range from crude and rustic to deco and even modern is so thorough. The museum feels intimate although quite large.  I loved the details shown in each of the dining chairs they have on display from different manufactures across the nation most from the late 1700’s, similar in many (most) respects considering the distance between furniture makers, these chairs point of origin are all different but clearly what was in vogue at the time had the strength of popularity to in force certain details… trendy if you will:  The carved and bowed leg, the claw and ball foot.   Aren’t these chairs beautiful?  chairphoto5 chairphoto4 chairphoto3 chairphoto2