Arabian coast. 1962

Vsevolod Andreevich Bazhenov was born February 18, 1909 in the town Serdobsk, Penza Province of Russian Empire into an artistic family.  His father was an artist and taught in a school. He become the first teacher of Vsevolod. Later he studied in Serdobsk art studio of artists A. Gofert and N. Kuzmin. Besides drawing and painting, Bazhenov was music lover: his mother Evgenia Nikovaevna was a pianist.800px-Bazhenov-Vsevolod-Danish_shore-_at-horizon-pol12bw

In 1928 Bazhenov graduated in high school and moved to Leningrad. In 1928–1930 he studied at the Tavricheskaya Art School, where he was a student of Mikhail Avilov, David Kiplyck, and Vladimir Fedorovich. In 1930 Bazhenov leaves the third-year college courses and arrives at the surveyors. According to some sources the reason care was difficult financial situation, on the other – the reorganization of the department of painting. After the course Bazhenov worked in the exploration, first as a surveyor, then the superintendent and chief of field parties. During the expedition he much painted sketches from the life of the Ural Region, Armenia, Khibiny, Karelia, the Caucasus and Kurdistan. From 1934 to 1941 Bazhenov worked at the Leningrad maping factory.

In 1940 he married Catherine Andreyevna Kuznetsova. June 24, 1941 was born the eldest son Alexander, who later became an artist of movies. After the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, Bazhenov together with family was sent to Sverdlovsk city for specialty. In December 1942 he was drafted into the Red Army in the rank of lieutenant-technique as a senior cartographer. Discharged at the end of 1945. He was awarded the Medal “For the Victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War 1941–1945″.

In late 1945 Bazhenov returned to Leningrad. Since the autumn of 1946 he worked as painter for order in LenIzo. In 1946 was born middle son Vladimir, in 1952 – junior Andrew. The first part Bazhenov in art exhibition refers to 1937. Since 1951 he is constantly involved in Leningrad, Republican, and All-Union exhibitions of soviet artists. He painted landscapes, genre scenes, seascapes, sketches from the life, works in oil and tempera paintings. In 1951 Bazhenov was admitted to the Leningrad Union of Artists.  In 1950s to gather material for paintings Bazhenov made some long-time trips around the country, having been in East and West Siberia, in Altai Province and Ural Region. The result of these visits were the lot of excellent in painting nature studies, nominated Bazhenov as a leading Leningrad master of this genre.

In the Ha Long Bay. 1962

In 1962 Bazhenov embarked on a working voyage on the ship “Eugene Nikishin”, from Leningrad to Vladivostok around Europe and Asia with stops in ports of Gibraltar, Suez, Singapore and Vietnam. In course of voyage through eleven seas and oceans, which lasted more than three months, Bazhenov created nearly two hundred sketches, paintings, and drawings.  Some of large works were conceived by the artist is finished too late in his Leningrad art studio on the base of nature sketches and direct impressions of the voyage.  For the first time about 120 works from this series were exhibited in Leningrad in 1963 after returning from a voyage. Then the exhibition was shown in other cities.

In 1960-1970s Bazhenov with a group of Leningrad artists painted pictures for the mess-room ocean-going ships and submarines. He create about 100 paintings for ships of various purposes, mostly landscapes of our country. Most of this works were on the warships of Pacific and Northern fleets. Also he take part in creation special technologies for protecting the picture from the high humidity in a long-time voyage. In 1976 the artist was awarded the command of the Navy of the USSR for this job.

A special place in the artist’s creative journeys belonged to Karelia. For the first time Bazhenov visited here in 1931. In 1981 he first visited Valaam island, which came at the invitation of the local museum. From then until death Valaam was one of the main themes of his work. In 1984 the Valaam museum held a solo exhibition of paintings by Vsevolod Bazhenov. Its funds are kept many paintings executed on impressions from visiting the island.

Vsevolod Andreevich Bazhenov died on August 2, 1986 in Leningrad at the seventy-eighth year of life. He is known mostly for his landscpes, seascapes, and small-format etudes done from nature. His personal exhibitions were in Leningrad (1963, 1982), and Saint Petersburg (1994, 2009). His paintings reside in State Russian Museum, in Art museums and private collections in Russia, Japan, France, England, in the U.S., China, and throughout the world.



Information from: wikipedia


January 12, 2013



One more addiction to add to the (growing) list: Facebook, Pinterest, BILLblog and now… INSTAGRAM.  I like the format because it’s creative and visual with very little text and very little Social Media advertising.  Sure there are folks peddling product but its all about the image, and no one is asking you to “like it”  you either do or you don’t.  There are fashionistas posting daily outfits, professional photographers posting beautiful images, there are puppy pictures, food pictures a little eye candy and yes a ton of self portraits (guilty).  These are just a small sampling of the folks I follow.  Some just post pretty pictures, others fitness achievements and others exotic trips or pets doing cute things.  If you’re not the type to play Words With Friends, Instagram is the ap for you.  It lets you play with exposure, focus, light, zoom and cropping plus there are borders and filters to change the mood of your shot.  I personally like posting food, my outfits and self portraits most.  I realize I’m not the first to discover Instagram, in fact I’m behind the ball on this one, but so what… Having a good time, enjoying the voyeurism and inviting you to come along for the ride.

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December 14, 2012

I just saw this on a friends Facebook page and had to repost ASAP on to BILLblog… At first I thought it was a light fixture, but no, It’s a real cloud.  crazy cool huh?  I would buy this ART!


Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde has developed a way to create clouds indoors by carefully regulating the space’s humidity, temperature and light. This intersection of science and art was recently named one of TIME magazine’s “Best Inventions of the Year 2012.”


Came across this great product the other day on  It was posted on 11.05.12 by Caroline Williamson in ArtInterior Design on their website.  I  had to share…SO COOL.

Custom Map Wall Murals by Wallpapered in interior design art  Category

Maps have always been a fun way to decorate your walls but have you ever wanted a more personal map, like one specifically for your town or zip code? Wallpapered creates just that – custom wallpaper maps for any spot on the globe that means something to you.

Custom Map Wall Murals by Wallpapered in interior design art  Category

Punch in the location you desire, the radius you want covered, then you customize the size and colors to your liking, and you’ll have your very own, one-of-a-kind mural.

Custom Map Wall Murals by Wallpapered in interior design art  Category

Custom Map Wall Murals by Wallpapered in interior design art  Category

Custom Map Wall Murals by Wallpapered in interior design art  Category

Custom Map Wall Murals by Wallpapered in interior design art  Category

Custom Map Wall Murals by Wallpapered in interior design art  Category

Custom Map Wall Murals by Wallpapered in interior design art  Category

Read more at Design Milk:


October 7, 2012

I thought about it on the plane and realized that I hadn’t been to Los Angeles for seven years, that’s a long time… But after being here just one day I’ve realized that while shops, clubs and restaurants have come and gone and others have taken their place the city is largely the same. It still has beautiful weather, beautiful people wearing carefully crafted outfits, there is beautiful architecture – both old and new – and yes, still lots of glam if you know where to look.20121007-074445.jpg
This first image is part of Chateau Marmont – a haunt of the rich and famous and now me.  The old world glamour is really perfect, modeled after an infamous royal residence in France’s Loire Valley, it is a fantastical folly in the land of make believe.  The bungalows, pool area and hotel are all well perserved and are a total throwback to the glam days of Hollywood. I had a delicious lunch in the outdoor courtyard with great great friends, had a star sighting: Toby Mcguire, and loved walking the grounds and pool.

20121007-074511.jpgWest Hollywood doesn’t suck either.  West Hollywood is bordered on the north by the Hollywood Hills, on the east by the Hollywood district, on the south by the Fairfax district of Los Angeles, and on the west by the city of Beverly Hills… so its a great location and the walkable neighborhood is a great mix of residential & commercial.  The architecture is largely extreme Art Deco, Spanish Colonial Revival, Monterey Revival, elaborate Italianate monsters – and fountains and statues, hidden gardens and fantastic ironwork and detailing.  The most famous building in the general area is the Art Deco Sunset Tower Hotel up there on the Sunset Strip (8358 Sunset Boulevard), back to its original name after being the Argyle for a bit – 1929, architect Leland A. Bryant. It’s very famous, in a good number of films, and once home to Howard Hughes, John Wayne, Paulette Goddard, Zasu Pitts, and that famous gangster with the great name, Bugsy Siegel. It seems everyone lived there. If you’re really in the know – or if you’re lucky enough to have close friends in the know – the SOHO house is a private club on the top two floors of the 14-story, 9200 Sunset Boulevard.  Opened in spring 2010, Soho House West Hollywood has a bar and dining room that offers spectacular views LA.  The terrace garden dining area is lined with olive trees and covered by a retractable roof. There is also a comfortable sitting room and a private dining and bar area for members’ events and screenings.  Devine!


Red velvet club chairs in the screening room, whats not to love?

Borrowed Blog – Wild Ones

September 28, 2012

Wild Ones: Gentler Pocket Knife Has Animals, Not Blades as found on and it’s too cool not to share…

The Swiss Army knife is a beautiful example of simple but elegant design – but it isn’t exactly meant for play. This Animal Pocket Knife was a 3rd year design school project created by David Suhami as a lovely alternative to the classic knife.

Suhami’s goal was to invent a toy for adults who enjoy playing with small objects. The safari “knife” is completely harmless, yet still beautiful enough to be appealing to discerning adult minds. The object features interchangeable heads, legs and tails for three animals: a rhino, an antelope and a giraffe. The pieces fold out just like those of a Swiss Army knife, creating multiple animals which all share a torso.

According to Suhami it is also possible to mix and match the animal parts to create some fascinating new hybrid animals. The animal parts are made of stainless steel (to represent modern technology) and the knife’s body is made of Tabebuia wood (to represent traditional craftsmanship).


July 19, 2012

Design house Pols Potten creates products that are subtle, innovative and with a hint of quirkiness while clearly exhibiting the traits of Dutch design tradition. Inspired by a tree, this shapely vase is perfect to use with tall bright flowers or as a stand-alone object.

Handmade of unglazed biscuit porcelain.


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