For Sale (CRUSH)

March 21, 2015


Does everyone dream of living on a farm with chickens, gardens, fields and a barn for parties… or is it just me? I’m crushing on this house big time.  I love that it hasn’t been redone.  As far as I’m concerned all it needs is a little paint (not a fan of the trim color) and maybe, maybe… shiplap or clapboard.

This one is for sale in Westport MA.  It’s 1.4 asking price is prohibitive for me v(1.4 Mil)  but I love the bones of this house and the mostly original interiors – if not original then just damn old – and the well proportioned rooms.  The kitchen is something I would build into a newer home just to get the turn of the century look.

l743bca44-m0xd-w640_h480_q80I think it is safe to assume this house was once sided in shiplap or clapboard siding.  I think I’d want to restore the outside to that original aesthetic (drink).  Love a shingled house but it doesn’t suit this one.  Every time I help a client remodel an antique home I try to encourage sensitive “updating” and to work with as much existing as possible.  Updating systems always seems to screw up wallpaper, and I’m ok with that it’s usual the wallpaper that is dingy, stained or not the desired look, But his house is so sweet, as is… I wouldn’t want to change much.  I’d just go antiquing and to garage sales and estate sales all weekend, and take baths in the claw foot tub. This place has to have a claw foot tub!   Right?!?


The other bedrooms are bigger, but I pick this one.  Love the vintage ship paintings and prints.  As it turns out I have had the pleasure of going to a party at this home.  A friend rented it a few summers ago, we played croquet on the lawn and drank lemonade, it was quite swell.  Lots of artsy folk from Rhode Island School of Design, and other wild free spirits. l743bca44-m15xd-w640_h480_q80 l743bca44-m14xd-w640_h480_q80l743bca44-m10xd-w640_h480_q80 l743bca44-m9xd-w640_h480_q80 These built-ins are clearly original but it looks like the cabinets not so much.  Id take down all the upper cabinets and put in open shelves like the pantry, or nothing at all. And, that’s about all I’d do.  ok, and paint… and peek under the linoleum to see if there are wide board floors, but that’s it!  I swear it. l743bca44-m8xd-w640_h480_q80 l743bca44-m7xd-w640_h480_q80 …and paint.  That’s IT!l743bca44-m5xd-w640_h480_q80

…and take down those bad swags on the dining room windows. RdWestportMA_02790

…is the link if you have to know more!



Light Blue

March 15, 2015

b6abad72cfb7a545ee502bf9b2ec994b massimo vitalli

tumblr_n0nc4j8Vm81qa3sufo1_50050bfbbe362168f96101bd7126c0f1131loft apartment brendan wong living room turquoise blue chairs gray sofa geometric rugtumblr_mit7hmhiPU1qatvvoo1_500


March 15, 2015

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March 15, 2015




Do I have to say anything? really?!


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This becomes…2ea60b15fc5329154757075222fca5bc


Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the Mona Lisa in the form of a kitchen…  or a living room, or anywhere else you might want to employ this moody palette.  Everyone knows I’m wild for a white kitchen, but sometimes you just gotta go a different way.  I respond well to the colors and textures in this kitchen especially if it’s done well and in the right house.  Inspiration can come from a sea shell, the side of a barn, an open field and yes… a painting.

mona lisa II

This room (below) by Tom Filicia is also a match.  The color is distributed very differently, consider this when using an inspiration for your decor…  You do not have to use the same amount of pigment or color when designing your space, whites and neutrals can mix in to lighten the look.  tomfilicia

b34780967e0db8bcd4e8eab5815a0ebd 873d7c420a09ac983157f04055cebbb2  tumblr_nfmeuzw3UF1qzbnpio1_500 981714c6486fcbad941671de10c701e1

… oh, and I love the creative way the paint chips were used to make modern day versions of the classic!

Nicely Nautical

February 7, 2015


 We have a LOT of snow Back East with more coming soon so I can only dream of khaki shorts and fill-flops, serving my friends gin and tonics and decorating with the heat of summer and refreshing ocean breezes in mind. But it’s that dream that keeps me from becoming too terribly depressed when I’m so cold I dread getting out of the shower.  I think what’s really going on is this is the first year in many my Husband and I have not taken a warm weather vacation mid-winter to escape the grey doldrums, if only for a week or ten days.  So I propose we take a break from shoveling, take of our hats and scarves and if only for a few minutes pretend were somewhere warm, with tanned skin, the scent of salt in the air…


I guess it’s all that is conjured up in the mind when one thinks of summertime that makes decorating toward a nautical theme so attractive.  It reminds us of vacations, and summer houses, lazy days reading under a shade tree, BBQ’s and friends staying late around the dinner table you set up in the yard… perhaps that is what is it that makes a nautical theme so pleasant. It’s like your on vacation when ever you are in your nautical room.  Or, maybe it’s really a beach house.103e0fc003660f581cbfee462ae3ed34



UnknownScreen Shot 2012-07-25 at 6.38.52 AM


Right now the cut many guys are choosing to wear their hair long on top and short or undercut on the sides. The trend really has broad appeal because it can be cut and groomed to suit a conservative or fashion-forward aesthetic (drink if you p[lay the BillBlog Drinking Game, ignore if you have no clue what I’m referring to).  I have seen a version of this cut that closely resembled a unicorn, with the sides,back and crown trimmed so tight that the tuft of hair left was a slicked horn of hair.  Most guys opt for a long on top cropped side version that is business by day and edged up at night with the help of some hair product.  The “length on top” trend is fueling the “man-bun” trend that will continue to grow in the next year.  Yep, you heard it right the MAN-BUN.


   Texturized and combed forward, the long on top cut can be versatile and offer many looks.  I wear mine greased most of the time smoothed back, but love to rock a drier look like this assuming it’s weather, outfit and event appropriate.

There are of course more than these few items that make up a fashionables guys wardrobe.  It’s pretty easy to put together a list of what’s trending (and selling) to guys right now.  Just off the top of my head every guy should have: A pair of Slim legged Khaki pants and slim legged jeans, Dessert Boots, lace-up shoes or Brogues (wing tip, cap toe) and a casual pair of leather shoes like a boat shoe and a puffy jacket or vest.  A navy blazer is still a staple and interesting socks can update the look if your still wearing the one you’ve had since college.


Diver style watches aren’t “out” really, but guys seems to be buying what I’d call a Pilot watch – one with a stop watch or multi faced faces.  Vintage is BIG, and mixed strap is also popular.  Color is making a come back on watch faces and straps and don’t forget to add a bracelet or two to your wrist guys.  Mens bracelets are still a fashion must have for fashionable guys.  Here is a great website that explains watch types, it’s well written and quite informative:

 5bbf603744cd9f807c1b8e9ab45e0bb4 tumblr_mv9mk2h1uu1r3pv4qo1_500

And, last but not least, we have not seen the last of the man-clutch.  That’s right the business only strapless briefcase or the attaché is the bag of the moment. Guys are carrying strapless bags for work and for play.  It seems everyone is in need of a place to stow power cords, iPads, glasses, and other necessities.  The messenger is a classic, but it is not a “current” shape for guys.  Totes or open top handled bags are also on point if you prefer an easier bag to grab and go.





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