White Kitchens

January 13, 2016

I’m still a fan.  I love white kitchens.  I am convinced that in time we will look back on what is trending now (grey cabinets, brass pulls and faucets especially) and remark at how “Two Thousand Teens” they look.  Stained cabinetry has certainly had it’s fair share of stepping in and out of the spot light over the last several decades, our on again off again love affair with stained cabinets is always fleeting or coming back… I prefer it stay in the past.  The kitchen should feel clean, bright crisp and fresh.  If you want to feel like your in a wood paneled den… GO IN THE DEN.          f59f6025a4ca81f95c6cd64ff8194efeWhite kitchens with Carrera Marble is a classic combination.  Is the over use and the seemingly endless love affair going to die?  I’m going to say No!  Subway tile on the other hand and the overuse of bead-board has to have a shelf life and I for one think were due for a surge toward something different, something new, something fresh.  I am a fan of slab backsplash.  I love the clean unfussy, monolithic approach to a functional and clean environment.

3bf2cd05339d69d97f17835889d06438 f1281061ce9f7b30f2ce72b85759258c Amy Bartlam Photography 5570db0118340b7b2d1cdf0cd6c2d50c

I know this last one isn’t a kitchen… but it’s cute.  And, I will admit this blog post feels a bit cautionary toward not falling into the trappings of what is trending so posting shiplap or horizontal boards is a bit contradictory.  It is peaking RIGHT NOW, I promise you that… But it’s a great look.  d31387195cc5fa66055881bd82a10396


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