Architecture of Instagram

January 9, 2016

imageI have made this confession before, but I will make it again… My blog suffered the day I discovered Instagram.  It occupies every minute I allow it to.  I look at it before email, Facebook or any other Ap. or program, I guess you could say I’m addicted.  One (of many) favorite pastimes on Instagram is stalking beautiful acrhitecture.  Every style from every corner of the earth, every thing I didn’t even know existed is on Instagram, at my fingertips.  Just look at these beauties… imageL.A., man… Nobody does it quite like Los Angeles.  This courtyard of apartments is so charming, isn’t it? Probably 1920’s.  They had me with the Spanish influences but the symmetry of this one is so great.  Looks like every detail is intact.  I could live there. imageOh, you fancy huh?  Well there’s plenty of fancy to be had in Instagram… just look at this stunner. Metal window frames, classic architecture, formal black and white palette… this house could be 1930’s or 1940’s but could just as easily be contemporary.  My guess is it’s new built to look old.  I love it.  I could live here. imageIf I was going to build a home this one would educate the decisions I made.  I love that way if feels rural and farmy but still has a clean, crisp modern bend to it.  What you can’t see is the back of this beauty, it’s almost all glass.  Is that metal siding? love. Giant sliding doors? love. And when those trees mature a bit and create a long allee… perfection!  I L.O.V.E. this one too.  imageChic… that is all. C.H.I.CimageIf I had to be an urban dweller, this would fine with me… the breeze sole over the upstairs side windows… imageAnd, I ‘m pretty sure I like this shot because I love the clean traditional shoe of this structure, I love the clean white siding and all that glass… who wouldn’t want this much connection to their back yard? the interior looks pretty perfect and if that upstairs room is the master?! Hello, I’m in!


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