I’m working on it

December 23, 2015

imageI am excited to be working with clients on this South Coast new construction project.  They are lovely people and we seem to be very in-sync so the job should be a good one.  I’m currently fine tuning floor-plans and designing built-in mill work, and have recently scoured my Instagram feed for inspiration.

The pieces I’m working on currently are an oversized entertainment center with sliding doors and tall narrow cabinets for either side of the Library’s fireplace.  The Library will be used as office space so the lateral file drawers at the bases are key.  I’m going to something more decorative on the doors and like the idea of the door designs to echo the pattern we choose in the Great Room, so I’m drawing with many door styles to give the client options. imageThis room told me how it needed to be laid out based on the views and where the TV would eventually end up.  I like this final concept for the floor plan, we had others but this seems to suit the room and all of our needs.  I pushed for back to back sofas, but ultimately I had to concede (the TV won).


Floor-planning and drawing is really the second step after tile and stone and other finishes are identified, and i really like each step in the process of designing a home for clients, but I think I like color and fabric selection best.  Even though the house is traditional, the client wants something a bit more transitional inside.  This gives me an opportunity to mix in some more modern pieces and take the palette to something a bit more tonal and neutral than I might have with a more traditional client guiding me.  You probably already know I couldn’t be happier to be showing them Grey, Camel and Cream.



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