Merry Christmas (Decor)

December 19, 2015

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! It’s been a while I know… I’m sorry. Life has been very full lately and business has kept me away from most of my favorite distractions (including this blog).  But here I am! And it’s almost Christmas. Here is how I’ve been getting ready for the season…imageThis years front porch look is Pinecones and bright green moss. I worked them into a basic (store bought) wreath of pine and added sugared berries for a punch of red.  I like the biggest wreath possible so it reads from the street.  When you decorate your house or porch remember to step back (way back, like across the street back) to get a good look at how your decorations appear from further away. And, remember that the front door is where all your holiday company passes, so sweat the small stuff too. You have to think BIG and small when you’re designing the front door and/or porch. image
It’s become a tradition fo me to decorate the chandelier in our front hall. I love the impact it creates, there is a nod to Victorian times – 1907 technically our house is Edwardian, but it that’s ok – and yet it’s still an unexpected flourish guests live to discover.  Here is an image taken mid flourish! The Elf lept to his death so I took it as a sign and left him off the light fixture entirely.imageimageBelow is a close up of the foyer table. More of the same items, but grouped in bunches.  I like a theme to my decor, be it holiday or day to day. Keep it tight and orderly for a seamless look.  Stay on message so your look stays strong.imageIt hasn’t snowed a single flake, but I’m doing my best to get into the sprit of Christmas.  I’ve got a fire lit and I’m crafting old Christmas cards into gift tags.  These make great gifts for folks on my list, a little something, something everyone needs, useful and not another piece of bric-a-brac… and it’s recycling, so it makes it a green activity (reducing my carbon foot print the fire is most likely creating)imageI’m sorry Ginger, that I didn’t post around Thanksgiving… so just for you, here are some images of that celebration.  I hope all of you and yours had an amazing day filled with family, fun and love.



8 Responses to “Merry Christmas (Decor)”

  1. Lisa Redd Says:

    Glad you’re back! I truly enjoy your postings! Happy Holidays from a “Mr. Barr” fan!

  2. jodyseivert Says:

    Beautiful and generous. Thanks for posting, for the instructive images, and for knowing that you have been missed. 🙂 Jody

  3. Pat Christen Says:

    So sorry for elf death but the chandelier is spectacular!! Always love seeing your blog, Bill. Such beauty you create.
    Merry Christmas to you and John. XO Pat

  4. Ginger Cappuccio Says:

    Finally got to this! Bill Thanksgiving must have been fantastic…Love it all!…. ginger

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