Tradtional-Contemporary Farmhouse

July 18, 2015

354f7683deaefaf0b0da2c028d5af55aIt’s a toss-up really, what do I love more? The board and batten siding, the metal roof, the shed dormers or the deep porches? I’ll tell you it all adds up to something pretty wonderful. But I think what it really is for me is the sharp cleanliness of these exteriors. Charming and certainly of a farm vernacular, but unfussy, simple details that keep it more contemporary and cute.  I’m smitten. 2e9961a6b907a3104ab0706d1967c236 4611ae66e673aa2aecfaaa29b5fbf87b

All of these are different houses. The “flaws” are that neither porch is screened and the enormous interior volume is such a waste of space, albeit pretty.  If I were building I don’t know that I could give that much square footage away… but that giant widow makes the first house so great.  There is nothing better than natural light.  The second house seems “perfect” from the outside, but I don’t love the landscaping.  there is a wee bit too much pea gravel for me.  That’s not really complaining too much.  The third house is a bit easier to pick apart.  Don’t like the mix of the gravel color, the red brick and the cement and paver walkway.  Thats a few too many masonry styles for me, thanks.  The “fix” would be to white wash the brick, and pour a gravel that better matches the paver walkway.  The sliders tucked under the lower roof line should have been a set of french doors.  But don’t get me wrong, I like the house I’m just being nit-picky today.  traditional-kitchen5005229d0fbd8fa0bf5f102fcd25b0cablank-canvas-gil-schafer1baeaf8f0fdb14e3e3b6e762f7dbd3ecMudroom.-Mudroom-Design-Ideas.-Mudroom-with-custom-cabinets-durable-floors-and-horizontal-tongue-and-groove-walls.-Mudroom-

I guess I love the idea of not making a house that is clearly of this decade.  The details and design decisions in these pictures all give the spaces a nod to a time gone by, a wink to tradition without feeling like  they were indented to fool anyone into thinking they were 100 year old rooms.  The pocket doors on the bar are a nice detail.  Closed it could be a pantry, or who knows… open it keeps guests out of the kitchen when they need a refill.  you gotta love that.  I say if you have enough storage, there’s nothing prettier than a leggy sink.  We look right past the expected base cabinet/sink set-up because it is so “standard”, but look at the showstopper the sink becomes with sexy nickel plated legs!  Va-va-va-voom.

e59303e2faa04f0246f2529aefab9216Kitchen-Hardware.-Kitchen-with-brass-hardware.-Kitchen-Cabinet-Hardware.-Kitchen-KitchenHardware-KitchenCabinetHardware-    traditional-dining-room



2 Responses to “Tradtional-Contemporary Farmhouse”

  1. Claudia Says:

    Is it possible that the tan “gravel” in house 3 is a seasonally dry lawn? That’s what mine looks like, except scruffier. I love these pictures.

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