April 5, 2015


I regret not taking some pictures while I was in the process of creating these blue and white Chinese pottery themed Easter Eggs so that I could make this post a “How To”.  I only have the “pretty” pictures to show you but I will explain my technique.   I will tell you the hardest part was keeping my fingers clean and not smudging the fresh white egg with food coloring.  Once I mastered holding the egg in play with a paper towel and blowdrying the egg as I painted, the lot of them happened in just a few hours.  IMG_0970 IMG_0968

Before I began I gathered Q-tips, a few toothpicks and lacking a tiny paint brush I grabbed a lip-stick brush from a make-up kit (but the brush was less predictable than the Q-tip, so skip it).  I layer a barrier of plastic  and then layed paper towels to make a “place mat” to work on.  For the Dye I used blue food coloring right out of the bottle.  I used some full strength, and for the lighter blues I mixed food coloring with white vinegar (avoid cider vinegar it will change the color of your dye).  I googled “Chinese blue and white pottery images” to use a few pictures for reference and borrow styles and designs for my patterns.  When you’re ready to start decorating hold the egg in one hand with a paper towel and paint with the other hand.  Before you roll the egg in your palm or paint too far around the egg, hit it softly with a hair dryer to dry the dye to avoid smudging.  it’s really that simple.

IMG_0942I am a self-confessed collector (almost hoarder)  AND I love to put out seasonal decor.  I find that kept in groups and displayed similarly my collections make a stronger impact and keep the house from looking cluttered.  I prefer handmade items and a soft colored palette but if you prefer a lot of color or stronger impact go for it!  To display my Easter decorations I like to use my collection on ironstone tureens.  Yes, that a collection to display another collection… genius huh?  lol.  The bunny collection is a tradition I have with my husband.  Each year he gets a small bunny in his Easter Basket.  We’ve been together 21 years, I started this idea a few years late so the bunny count is only up to 16 or so.

IMG_0943 These eggs (below) I made a year or two ago.  I must have have more time on my hands back then because I blew the eggs, dyed them and set them with beads.  Elmer’s white glue is easy to work with and dries clear. I love the texture and sparkle but my favorite from this group (not pictured) is an egg I left white and applied white beads to.  White on white, so clean and fresh and pretty.  I hope you have a lovely Easter holiday and you have fun on whatever creative project you decide to tackle this year!  IMG_0945


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  1. Anna Says:

    Pretty great!

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