Craft Day: Gift Tags

January 17, 2015

IMG_7445 I don’t know what you do with the Christmas cards you receive each year, but I tend to hang on to most if not all of them.  I literally have a small drawer in the built-in china cabinet, where we keep a dry bar set up, and it is full of Christmas cards from the past few years.  It would be the ideal place to keep festive cocktail napkins – because everyone should have bountiful amounts of festive cocktail napkins, appropriate the occasion – bottle openers, swizzle sticks and other bar accoutrement.  Well, I emptied the drawer into my tote bag and packed along a good pair of scissors and a hole punch and this weekend I will create gift tags from these relics.  I’ve opted out of getting too cute with pinking shears to edge with and have decided to just take a straight forward approach and let the art of the card being recycled guide me. The picture above shows you can choose to follow a deign and cut on established lines, or I prefer to trim most of the edges away and go for a “full bleed” look because i think it makes the card look more intended and less recycled.  It’s a game for me to see how many tags I can get from a single card, it’s all about the art and where the sender signed it.


Here’s the easy how to…

I like to separate the front of the card from the back if the art doesn’t continue on the back, so go through your stack and sort them first.  Two sided in one pile, one-sided gets torn into two.  discard the signed back halves.  Decide how many cards you can make from one front (it all depends on how you fold and cut it really) but try to get two or three per large card one to two on mid-sized cards… occasionally you’ll only get one, and that fine.  Again, let the art dictate the format.

For this demonstration I cut a bit more irregularly than I typically would, but even still it makes an interesting gift tag, don’t you think?  So cut and then fold your note cards and then add a hole for string, ribbon, raffia or what have you.  I’m away from where i keep my scrap ribbons and things, but I will add color-coordinated fasteners later and package in plastic corsage bags available at craft stores or your local flower mart or on-line I’m sure if you live in the boonies.

IMG_7446All you really need is a scissors and a hole punch but a ruler to draw cutting guideline might help you if you can’t cut a straight line.  And, If your extra crafty… You will have some cards with great art that doesn’t allow you to fold and cut into perfect little gift cards.  Use those cut out and applied to larger pieces of craft paper to make Christmas cards to be sent or passed out next year.  You will have a heck of a time finding envelopes to fit your hand-made cards unless you source those first and cut the card to fit first and then embellish with your cheery cut outs.  Don’t be afraid to use ribbons, bows and anything else you can make fit in an envelope.  And for the person you really like to annoy, collect all the punch out dots and add them to the card you send them next year : )  now that’s recycling.  IMG_7449


2 Responses to “Craft Day: Gift Tags”

  1. Cousin Deb Says:

    Great idea. I usually turn them into holiday thank you cards.

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