Color Crush: Grey & Camel

January 12, 2015

eefd085d3bcf49ba5cd8683ae2c42647e5ec43bfc455c4635314150df52aba2dI’m certain that I have blogged before about the (still trending) color of the moment grey.  I have most likely already stated that the cool tone benefits from the warmth of a camel or beige, or gold and if you must… yellow.  All are good complimentary colors, but do me a favor and stay away from yellow with grey, it can look very cheap and flat very quickly.  If you really want to use yellow use the color sparingly and aim for a curry yellow not school bus or neon.  I prefer the subtle and warm balance from beige and camel because its softer and more tonal, the goal is to balance not create contrast.  Almost any warm neutral will be a good foil to a cool grey or a warm grey, even little hits of brass will do the trick.  I’m going to leave it at that, enjoy the eye candy…6325c5008677cfc93cd905e25b991671

6a73b98522702a851d08eb76cc1e05ef 55ebe338cf0c7ea0a622eafadda7a3d1 1dcbd4765c1914ff56fe7d80adfac1cb 8326c955f555b77dc9fa3f9729e484a1  a6a2d728c574daad8ccd3005bcbe163c 829ed5e786112074b6ae4c6fb7d6e597  da801951c77fad1c5705cd5950422c7d 3e4558d3fc4918fd99528667088966bb

A grey and camel palette can even work in a kitchen… that is if you don’t go all white : )



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