White Kitchens & Stoves

January 4, 2015


You know I love a white kitchen, so much so this blog could almost be called “White Kitchens & A Few Other Things” but I love a good vibe too.  And nothing gets you to a Kitchen that feels authentic and original like an old stove; or a stove that has that feeling, like an Aga.  I am a firm believer that the interiors and exteriors need to have a dialog.  I’m not saying they have to match, It can be a fun surprise to walk in to the unexpected, but for the most part you can’t go wrong to match the should vibe of the architecture to the interior build-out, be it kitchen, bath or other.  I guess as much as I love modern, my heart skips a bit when I see old original hardware, enameled stoves, and quirky windows and well constructed built-ins that are original to any structure.

tumblr_nekf6iSSVo1qhvtlqo1_500The stove might not be white in this one but the 20’s/30’s tile work and the enameled pendants give this functional kitchen an always been there, vintage feel… the distressed wooden floors add to the aged patina.

tumblr_ne9y637ij21tuwdc7o1_500Not so vintage but so well done!  love the marble waterfall down the side of the base cabinets, Love  the slab back-splash, and LOVE the double shelf in lieu of upper cabinets.  Of course the white floors and vintage(ish) refrigerator keep the modern from going to contemporary and ‘soften the edges’ of this sleek space.

tumblr_ncy3irkgIG1qc91i1o1_500CRUSH! On this range big time.  It might be a LaCornue but the hardware looks more like a Bertazzoni, regardless this is a pretty range.  And it would add the look and feel of quality to any kitchen.  I think I need one of these in my life!  Stainless is so yesterday.


4 Responses to “White Kitchens & Stoves”

  1. Claudia Says:

    If stainless is “so yesterday” what do I put in our remodel? Serious question.

    • bill barr Says:

      Buy appliances equiped with trim kits and cover the fridge and dishwasher with your cabinet materal. No fingerprints. Re the range… You will mostlikely end up with a stainless range because the better white or black stoves run 4k to 8k and probably not project approprate.

  2. lisa dow Says:

    it’s a La Canache – been pining for one forever

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