New Years Eve… The Follow-up

January 1, 2015

IMG_7270 So this first picture is really the aftermath, yep… it’s “the day after” but I really like the light and exposure in it and I think this image has more to tell than the frames I shot getting ready and throughout the night.  A good time was had by all and the room looked great with the gold and silver decor.  I didn’t hang globes from the chandelier, but i did hang streamers ove all the curtain rods and made great looking and festive “sheers” a must for next year!  The balloons allowed me to get the streamers into the middle of the room, the effect was great.  I also allowed for a touch of winter by leaving the faux-snow I had out, and using white ornaments to fill a hurricane.


Our menu was: To start, Gougeres, Scallops with Bacon Jam, Avocado and Orange Salad, then we had Filet of Beef with Mushrooms, Creamed Spinach, Yorkshire Pudding AND then we had Champagne and Baked Alaska.


What really struck me was the tradition of it all.  My Mom’s avocado, orange and shrimp salad for instance.  She always served it at Christmas, and it’s a great winter salad.   And, it seems my default New Years the dessert has become baked Alaska; I love to make it – home-made pound cake base, 3 kinds of home-made ice cream (Chocolate, Sour Cream and Raspberry) all stacked neatly under my new favorite… Meringue.  Even the plates and serving platters had meaning… the fish plates were my Grandmothers and the Scallop platter was a wedding gift.  Decorations are important but things with meaning will resonate and add a layer of sentiment streamers can’t. IMG_7281I did want to make the night fun and silly for our guests, So I put up a crown making station in the front hall.  Guests drank champagne, nibbled on tasty bits and hot glued to their hearts content making hats for the big countdown.  It was a great success.  We chose to draw numbers that corresponded to a particular pile of supplies, but you could just make a pile and let folks go crazy.  And, yes… everyone started out with a 1/2 a Veuve Clicquot  Champagne box as a base.  good times! IMG_7283


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