New Years Eve Ideas

December 29, 2014

10fbe018cdf02acbcd4b7bfb9caca7c4There’s still time to plan and implement a creative and festive dinner party or dessert party or cocktail party for New Years Eve.  You already have a theme, or I’d suggest you pick that first.  Next decide on a look or palette so that there is consistency in your decorations.  I think I’ll go with Gold and Silver with dashes of Black, it feels classic, if feels fancy & Black-tie-ish and I know I have boxes of Christmas balls in gold and silver that can be put to good use.  And, if I mix metals iI can use sterling place settings and everything will tie together.


I like the idea of hanging the metallic finish orbs and thin metallic streamers from the chandler, so I’ll start there and I think I’ll float helium balloons to the ceiling and let more of the metallic streamers hand from those.


These flag banners are easy to make.  You can stencil “Happy New Year” on hand cut triangles or leave them plain – and by plain I mean glittered or painted or something – and string them together with metalic streamers, ribbon or what have you. enhanced-buzz-7964-1354459961-3

Not sure if these wouldn’t make for a messy drink stirrer but maybe as part of the hat making station? or stuck in a cake? But thought they were cute… What would you use these for?


I think this is a very cute idea for napkin rings.  You might not have time to source enough old charming watches to make it to this years table but start looking for them now and by next year you could have enough to invite everyone you know for New Years eve dinner.

enhanced-buzz-7336-1355247668-9 This project is easy and makes a big impact!  Cut out numbers 2 0 1 3 and wrap with metallic streamers and hang in front of a mirror, mantle or any spot that could use a punch of festivity!  Wrapping hides the cut edges of the foam-coreposter or card board so it is an upgrade from simply painting or even glittering.


Not sure how else I’d use these other than a add-on for a “make your own hat” station so party guests can get creative and build a crown or hat for the big countdown.  Set-up a 6 foot table with old costume jewelry, colored paper, glitter, feathers (dipped in gold of course) and any other bright and shiny object you think would look fabulous on a hat!

enhanced-buzz-10472-1355255058-5So yeah, a hat making station… I would definitely add  this to make a party just a bit more whimsical, loosen people up (if the champagne isn’t doing it) and give folks something to do together, to talk about and a reason to take pictures, selifies and Instagram pictures.

glittervotive Try this cute idea of adding a glitter edge to your votives.  it’s a simple and easy way to dress up an inexpensive glass votive.  I saw the “how to” on Uncommon Designs Online, use the link to find out how easy they are to make.

starsI think I’m going to try and make these but fill them with a wish, or fortune or small surprise!  I saw these on the Minna May blog page and think they are worth promoting.  If you want to learn how to make them click this link:  What ever you end up doing I hope you have a terrific New Years and I’ll see you next year!


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