White Houses of Instagram

October 28, 2014


I confess to being an instagram junkie. (Many) Self portraits, puppy pictures, food photographs and vacation snapshots are all constant occurrences for me.  I admit it has stolen me away from my own blog and It’s in large part because Instagram is the perfect platform for someone visually minded that has perhaps a shorter attention span than typical (like me).    Pick any topic and you can find it there… Fitness, fashion, food or the Arts of course, theater, dance, design and yes, plenty of architecture. I am no some one that should suffer from house envy, but I can’t help myself… just look at these beauties…

ga-resid-rehab-firnewFancy an updated farm house?  It’s on Instagram.  I love the front porch on this place an the large french doors overlooking what seems to be endless vistas of green!  ahhh.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMaybe formal is more your thing?  it’s there too (on Instagram).  The Gerogian influences on this colonial charmer sure charm me.  It strikes me as odd that there isn’t more symmetry to this house if is indeed turn of the century.  Georgian style dictates symmetry so perhaps this house was devided at some point, altered by fire or maybe just maybe it isn’t as old as we might think. Either way it’s a handsome house, you can’t go wrong with a white house.

image11This last house is one of my favorites in Provincetown.  The lead image is the front, don’t you love the trellis over the bump-outs? they disguise the wings of the house, keeping it looking like a tall, narrow antique.  the wings allow for views and modern amenities.  and the texture of the trellis is interesting I think.   Oh, and the water front property doesn’t suck either.  This house is beautifully maintained, that makes any house (even yours) more attractive.  where you lack in architectural detail or grandeur you can make up for by keeping the paint, trim shutters and yard in ship shape!

Here are a few others that I’m going to leave untrimmed… love them all…could keep going but I won’t…

  IMG_5630IMG_5627IMG_5628IMG_5631Yeah, yeah… this last one isn’t technically white, but it’s too pretty to not post and the trim is white.


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