Black & White &…

September 29, 2014

tumblr_mfbsjdeouv1rk7lm8o1_500 I debated calling this post “confessions from a converted beige addict” but We’ll stick with Black & White &… I am here to tell you, white(ish) walls and trim are always appropriate.  Sure, sure, you love color.  Thats great, I do too. But, a dash of color or flash of texture in a white room makes a statement and has such a cool aesthetic, you really don’t need to paint walls to match your sofa (or your art! please no.)  White is also adaptable to any architectural style, high Victorian to Mid-Century and everything in-between it’s always appropriate.

living-3-dog-0003a_prvpenneySee how well the furnishings show in this beautiful room. I’m not sure this may be the work of Daryl Carter (or maybe Thomas O’Brien) I love the look and I love that you get to see the stuff in the room, the beautiful shapes and the silk gloss of the leather, the grain of the side table, the knot of the sisal rug.  This room doesn’t slap you in the face.  The occupants would be the stars of this space and the detail harmonize to create a beautiful space that holds you without being obvious.  That’s what I love.

tumblr_mmhnhynhb31qcv7buo1_1280 tumblr_mgguhxfYoP1r6y3u1o1_500

I think the deep black floors of these spaces ground the white walls and create interest.  I like a white on white look too but I appreciate – now that I have white floors – that they are a maintenance issue if you have kids, dogs, or a life other than cleaning your floors daily… but they are pretty.  The sinister darkness is the perfect juxtaposition to the pure light of the white.  tumblr_mzx1l9eft31qzleu4o1_500In every room a bit of color must fall.  And I’m falling for the look of this sofa covered in a Hudson Blanket, Genius!  I have a pair of chairs that were my grandmothers in a very similar style to this sofa.  When I got them they were covered in a beige vinyl.  I had the covers replaced with an off white silk and it has lasted more than a decade but I think I’m ready to embrace this look.  So cool in a clean simple space, a statement for sure but surrounded by subtle, I think it could be great.  I am saying keep color to a minimum to get the look, but bend the rules a bit to make it your own.

tumblr_mwga0rLoCk1qb83abo1_500 1912023_10200593497878952_1661017225_n  tumblr_mi6dmcu8VW1r3jkexo1_500


2 Responses to “Black & White &…”

  1. janice Says:

    Nice post. Blanket chairs are great! So is the truck :•]

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