My Fall Fashions

September 27, 2014

To the horror of my husband, I went out in sweatpants last night…

Like OUT out! To dinner at a nice place!!


I wore a white dress shirt and a pale grey cashmere sweater with dark blue sweats from JCrew, and I think I looked cute… I’ll tell you one thing I was wicked comfy. You all know I love my cozy.  The pants are a skinny cut and the ankles are elasticized, they don’t have a knit cuff, so honestly, it was probably hard to tell they were sweats.  Here is the honest truth, I typically dress for everyone else, not myself.  I wear what I think is appropriate vs what I want to wear.  Maybe it’s the “F” it forties, but I think I’m done caring about what other people think.


I am very happy to dress in clothes from J.Crew.  They are a classic brand that tends to not chase trends but seem to update the look they present and stay current and relevant by adjusting silhouettes, and details.  A company probably looking to sell to folks a bit younger than me, but happy to have multiple markets.  I like mixing a bit of “designer” with the basics from J.Crew that tend to be well made a relatively well priced.  My palette dosen’t vary from Navy, Khaki, Grey and White.  I will wear a gingham, or plaid but thats a about it.  Give me a Navy corduroy jacket paired with some dark rinse jeans and a grey cashmere sweater anyway, or grey sweater with khaki shorts works too.  I like the idea of looking nice but keeping the “fashion” subtle.  It’s not unlike my decorating style.  I don’t need to walk into a room and get slapped by the loud drapery.  I use more color and pattern in my work, but there is a subtlety to it than allows the package, the entire envelope of the room to hold together, you see the room not the sofa, then the drapes then the… I think you get my point.



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