Bedroom Inspiration

August 22, 2014


The color trend everyone is thinking will be the next big thing is OliveGreen, but I have my sights set on a current hot color… Dark inky blue, deep marine, sapphire blue.  I’ve been thinking about the little bedroom at the cottage, and was contemplating an all white room – which you know I adore – but the longer I live in that tiny space, late in the evening and early mornings (and the dogs make sure it’s EARLY) and I think I really like being held by a deeper color.  currently the walls and ceiling are “previous owner grey” and the sad carpeting is a dark brown synthetic industrial berber… it’s as awful as it sounds.  I’m surprised I haven’t called my therapist yet, but plans to make the change early fall are helping me get through this design dilemma. tumblr_n5r2cj13fR1qatvvoo1_500

 Anyway, the plan is for Simply White – my go to white – on the ceiling and Simply White floors.  I think the deep color will look rich and evoke a marine vibe without being overtly beachy.  I also like the idea of mixing high and low, glam but easy like a sisal rug mixed with an old gold mirror leaning on the floor.  The old gold is important i think, a dark room needs the pop or luster of a metal… I could go polished nickel but thats really just not my look.  I always advocate for white cotton sheeting so thats a given and maybe in the colder months I’ll mix in some navy sheets (Ralph Lauren, love them) to add depth and amp up the cozy factor.  


lunchtime-fix-7-blue-on-blue-rooms-similar-to-sarahs-house-4-dining-room-you-like-0The room is pretty much together in my head – now to find that mirror and call the painter – with the exception of window treatments.  I LOVE a shutter, but I am not so sure I’ll like a white shutter on a dark blue wall and with the trim painted out to match the walls (that was the plan anyway).  Do I paint the trim white and go with white shutters? that feels safe and too traditional doesn’t it? Stay with the plan to paint trim blue and use a inside mount roman shade? match stick? Split bamboo?  Offer up a vote in the comments if you want to vote or come back and check for an up-date once I’ve had the painter in!  
greige and gold living room



5 Responses to “Bedroom Inspiration”

  1. ginger Says:

    Easy…trim blue…split bamboo!

  2. I love the blue.. its fantastic!

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