Design Crush

August 16, 2014


As I have said many times, inspiration can come from anywhere and everywhere.  The colors of a leaf can spawn a color palette in a room, a vintage photograph can educate the eye towards texture and the balance of lights and darks. Sound too esoteric for you?  I get that, but it’s really very true… Nature, art, architecture heck, ANYTHING can really be a spring-board for a creative project no matter the medium.  In my design work I find people are drawn to certain shapes, colors, textures or patterns because of some recall that might remind them of something, or makes them happy, this too is inspiration.  Embrace it.  when something “feels right” move toward it.

Good design can also inspire others.  I love Daryl Carter’s work, Kelly Wearstler, Thomas O’Brien and host of others but I have a new crush.  Ken Fulk.  I might be late to this party, but he stepped into my peripheral vision when he refurbished a water-front home in Provincetown, MA.  On bike rides in the East End of town, I would always slow up to check out a decrepid old house with great bones that was slowly being lost to neglect.  I guess it was a year or two ago that the house got the attention of Mr. Fulk who has brought the house back to something that might be even better than what it once was.  Now I haven’t actually seen the interiors myself, but I have seen an image or two – I think it was on Instagram, and it’s quirky, details are made to give the house soul and patina.  It’s sort of layered up with antiques, oddities and old-fashioned charm but it’s thoughtful, comfortable and feels effortless and that is how a house should feel.

Marrakech-1-09 Modern_Heritage-1-W3153-0220 PRIVATE-LOFT1 PRIVATE-DURHAM6 PRIVATE-DURHAM7 Modern_Heritage-5-W3153-0744-1

Clearly a designer than marches to his own beat – in a very good way – his use of color, his mix of styles and the talent of merchandising he shows makes me want to see more… I’m smitten.  Here are a few images, favorites that I borrowed from his website (click his name above to be directed there).  Ken Fulk, like the other designers I mentioned all inspire me.  It’s ok to like other peoples style, to borrow a look or an idea.  That’s how trends are born.  Just give credit when credit is due, don’t copy… make it your own, tailor an idea to suit you and by all means… share the knowledge or pass the idea along if it’s really that great.



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