Window Box – Part II

May 30, 2014

photo 3

Here they are… My window boxes.  As most of you know I try post as much original content as possible and I attempt most everything I post about (like those blasted Ding Dongs turned cupcakes a few posts ago).  Some things go well, some not so well.  I have to tell you my window box experience was flawless start to finish… so now, I just have to keep them watered and alive.  In all seriousness, I ordered the window boxes from installed them myself and spent less than an hour at the nursery – and I didn’t argue with my spouse about what to buy – so that in itself is a win! and had the right amount of soil, plant material and a beautiful sunny day as a bonus.   I think they will be really pretty once they have filled in.  They will take some time to be truly “photo worthy” but I wanted to share with you what I decided on and hoped to encourage you to try it – provided you have a house they are appropriate on : ) I think the palette is special and interesting and the textures are varied and unique.  It’s a strong color story, even the flowers of the plants will stay within the green and purple palette. What do you think?

photo 5

I chose  purple fennel,  green and purple potato vine, lavender, and tri-colored sage.  I think I’m going to really like the depth of the deep purple  mixed with the acid green of the potato vine.  I picked plants that won’t get particularly tall as my windows are not big to begin with and don’t want to lose too much view.  The potato vine will be an aggressive grower but they hang so beautifully and are such proven winners that I don’t mind if they eventually become out of scale with the other plants.  Fingers crossed they are happy with the amount of sunlight they are going to get… they are in a particularly sunny spot.

photo 4

There was a very good guide on the window website to help guide you to the right sized box.  They suggested if you have shutters going a bit wider on the box than the window trim would help keep the proportion and I have to agree.  There is a balance with these new boxes the previous boxes didn’t have – they were at least 10″ smaller.  I still have to attach decorative brackets that will really finish the look of these.  Maybe I’ll post one more snap-shot later in the season when they have filled in.

photo 1


One Response to “Window Box – Part II”

  1. Claudia Says:

    You bought white geraniums…where’s Window Box III? :c)

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