The Window Box

May 25, 2014


The window box… Not everyone is a fan.   I’ll admit that I think they have a place and can look good, but! they are not always appropriate (or well designed and maintained, but I digress).  If your homes architecture is a style that supports the aesthetic of window boxes, Craftsman, Cottage, Cape, Victorian, Ranch (eeewww), Colonial Revival, then by all means get some… BUT please think about your home and where you want to put them and decide accordingly as to how big they should be and how many you should use.  Once your sure there is just one small issue…  planting them well … and (ok two issues) maintaining them!!  That’s the trick people, plenty of water and maintenance.

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Here are my rules to successful window boxes:

Keep the color palette tight.  I really like a one color flower palette like all white, or all blue or all red.  There will be plenty of textural intrest and varied hues of the same color to give depth. And, the leaves can add color and interest too.  Unless your look is cottage or country, please don’t mix blue, yellow, orange, pink, red, white and purple.

That brings us to rule 2… If you must mix colors try to keep it to two or thee tops and stick with either cool tones or warm tones (don’t mix red and blue, pink orange and red would be a better combo).  Blues and purples play well together too.

Vary the size of the leaves.  Flower color is a strong element in your window box but the size texture and color of the leaves is super important.  Try mixing grey and blue shaded leaves with white flowers or yellowy leaves they give a great look and provide depth and interest.

198ffb033626ef686e210476a70fb862[1]Pay attention to deadheading  and watering.  There is nothing worse than a 1/2 dead window box.  it’s like putting on make-up badly, it’s worse than no make-up right?  Same deal here.  If your box isn’t fresh it’s gonna bring down the look of the entire house.  So, while your watering, pluck off  all the dead flowers to simulate new flowers growth, trim damaged or dying leaves and keep the window box looking as good if not better than the day you hung it.



Now is the time to be planting.  I’ll be getting out in the next few to tackle mine, I’ll be sure and post a snap-shot of what I pick.  I thought I wanted all white, but I might surprise myself and go for something a bit different for me.  stay tuned, oh and happy Spring.  02f140e171f88062bfd09fa79e4df36e[1]


One Response to “The Window Box”

  1. jodyseivert Says:

    GREAT post, Bill! Thank you.

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