Dirty Talk

May 20, 2014

photo 1

Yep, I really meant it when I mentioned Spring cleaning in the last post.  The fastest and least expensive way to get your space feeling picture perfect, clean it.  We all get accustom to seeing those little things creep into our living spaces that really have a place they belong (out of sight).  This is a god time of year to recycle your old magazines.  Sometimes schools are interested in them for art projects, but at a minimum please recycle as much as you can – and support recycled and earth friendly products – end rant.  Open shelves will need a wipe down, if not a full scrub if you’re a serious cook.  I find the more often I dust, the less I need to wash between usage.

photo 5photo 2 photo 3Don’t forget surfaces, like table top, shelves, mantles, stairs and yes even the tops of your mirrors and picture frames.  I like a damp cloth because it really grabs the dust. And, on the stairs you can’t beat a vacuuming.  It will feel like you painted and added a window if you empty your staircase and vacuum the treads and/or wipe down each one down.  These are the areas that collect dust bunnies and pebbles from outside, attack the right areas and the whole house will feel better in no time.

photo 4photo 2

People often remark that my house has something – a feeling – that put their finger on exactly what it is but there is an unseen element that elevates simply by not being there… wear and tear and/or dirt and debris.  Put it away! you’re welcome.  Please go clean off all those areas where things tend to pile up a bit when life gets busy ; ) *always  … I know, its tough, but a clean and picked up home will bring inner peace and a make you happy to come home.

photo 4photo 1

So go clean something!photo 3


2 Responses to “Dirty Talk”

  1. jodyseivert Says:

    Thank you for saying this so nicely. I spent the weekend doing ‘change of season’ stuff – changing slipcovers, picking up wool rugs, summer pillow covers, top of bed changes…and cleaning as I was doing it. It’s such a satisfying project, but tougher to do physically the older I get! And your home does have that special something…:)!!

  2. bill barr Says:

    It feels good doesn’t it? a fresh start, a new outlook. xoxo

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