I’m Working On It

May 8, 2014

I’m sorry.  It’s been a long time since I’ve posted.

Before I update you all on what’s been going on for me professionally, I have to thank all my new followers for seeing value in my past blogs and deciding to follow me in spite of lack of attention I have been giving this blog… and all of who have been following me for years, your continued support is much appreciated. It blows me away that so many people want to read my rants on design, color, furniture, fashion and let’s not forget food!


It’s been a very busy spring for me. My design work has been so rewarding… clients who truly value my insight, clients who truly want to create a room – or home – beyond simply a place to watch tv or sleep, a place that makes you take notice… A moment. I see that magic happen when clients allow me to keep them “on message”.  I find a strong direction or perspective and sharp, intentional execution create rooms – or homes – that have that wow thing.  In recent months I’ve had several projects that felt very focused, the results… happy clients. I love it when clients love what I help them create.  The above shot is a professional one ( as many of you know my images are typically a iPhone snapshot).  The clients were totally open to this limited and tonal palette.  The result of a trusting client is a pulled together look and something I can be proud of.  Of course I brought in most everything to finnish the look (the feathers are cuortisy of the clients husband) Please contact me if you’d like resource information on anything.

20140507-212912.jpgI literally rolled out this custom rug today at a clients… a favorite client in fact that is fearless, and often pushes me to go further and bolder.  We have a great time picking things out and her homes are like no others.   It is truly wonderful when a client becomes a friend.  I snapped this picture to send to her, but I wanted to include it in todays post because its such a fun room.  I might have staged the coffee table and played up the orange accents – pillows on the sofa, a chandelier over-head – they really pull the corner chair into the color story, I’m sorry you can’t see more of the room. The rug is by Patterson, Flynn and Martin.

20140507-212043.jpgThis living room is a total transformation and yet the exact same rom I designed for another great client several years ago.  The layout was great, the furniture was classic – and still in great shape – so we just recovered everything and replaced the existing sisal with a wool/sisal rug from Merida that is creme and oatmeal.  Prior to this taupe, cream and navy palette the room had been red, gold and green (insert Culture Club joke here).  The yellow walls were painted out a pretty greige (grey/beige) a color just a shade or two lighter than the new upholstery and the accents became navy to suit the cooler color scheme.  The perfect summer retreat for cocktails with friends or TV with the family all this room needs is a few more tweaks with the accessories.  (My husband insists that I not show rooms without full staging but often the client wants to fill the small details in over time, and typically I and posting pictures I have taken simply to document, not publish) whatever!  Stay tuned for more on this room.

rothAnd this happened in recent months too.  Some modern, some whimsy; straight lined and clean with feminine edges and pretty details… a wonderful mix for a city apartment.  I’m lucky enough to have worked on another project for these clients, a beach house so when they decided to buy a small(ish) apartment in town, I got the call.  The beach is light and easy with strong colors and patterns so it was a no brainer to make the apartment sleek, and a bit more subdued.  Yes, this is subdued.  Plum, violet and grey tones sit on a nearly white rug, vintage brass etageres flank the sofa and echo the light fixture over the dining table in this open concept space.  I have a bad habit of posting pictures of rooms 90% done, because I don’t always go back for professional images the last trip out with orchids, accessories and the little ditties that make rooms really finished often don’t get documented.  Sad huh?  But enough about that I have to let it go.  Just so you know we stacked a grey and white geometric box made of inlaid bone on the table with a few coffee table books and three gold lotus blossom bowls to add a little shimmer.

OK… thats going to have to be enough for tonight.  it’s 11:53 at night and I have a big day ahead of me tomorrow.  Thank you again for sticking with me when the posts don’t come as often as they used to. I hope you are amused, enlightened or even just distracted for just a little while when you’re here, and leave inspired. xo


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