Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

January 28, 2014


I’m not a fan of wall decor…  Things fabricated simply to absorb wall space feel forced, uninspired and frankly cheap.  We’re not talking about art or sculpture, I’m talking about “filler”.  If I have a large wall to fill, brackets or wall-mounted display shelves are a favorite of mine.  If they are flanking a mirror, even better. Who doesn’t love what a mirror does for a space.  It can reflect a pretty view and increase the natural light in any given space. Mirrors add depth, and a bit of shimmer and plentiful enough so that they can be tailored to any decor.  Mirrors are a decorators very best friend.

clyde_mirror_frost_white_large_MIRCLLFWH000_front_15 sun_mirror_plain_mirror_MIRSUN000000_front_6

I like to choose mirror frame finishes that don’t compete or mimic any art frames in the spaces I design.  Natural materials like drift wood, horn and shell are favorites.  This way a gold or black frame “story” is highlighted and the decorative frames come forward via texture or they ease into the  into the layers of the room.  Don’t get too matchy-matchy or your look could end up flat and uninspired.  Lesson: We want to see the art in a room first, decor second.  Other materials like resin, paper mache and metal also make good choices when it comes to choosing the right look for a mirror.


Scale is also a huge component when it comes to getting it right in the mirror department.  A few good and general rules of thumb are to keep a mirror narrower than the piece is being hung over but don’t be afraid of going big!  A tall narrow mirror will add the height to a room and adding to the vertically of a space is never a bad idea.  A wide short mirror will stretch the width of a space, creating a low horizontal effect best suited for Craftsman, Modern, Deco and other styles that embrace a horizontal aesthetic.  Can’t find the perfect mirror? Go to your local frame shop and have one made to your specifications.  Now go out and buy yourself a mirror.  xo


2 Responses to “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…”

  1. Wall mirrors work nicely in many instances. For people
    that have a small space that has to seem a bit larger, it’s feasible to strategically work
    with the layout and decor of your house by the addition of a huge mirror to help reflect the light
    already reachable in your house and to give the appearance of a bigger room with no
    remodeling. You are creating the delusion of a larger room, by utilizing a big
    wall mirror at home as a decorative touch.

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