Cheap & Chic

January 27, 2014



Unfortunately those words don’t describe the same object a large percentage of the time.  Often when searching for well made furniture and accessories, “buy the best, cry once” is closer to home as is “you get what you pay for”.  Now I’m not saying good design has to be expensive, but when it comes to home furnishings, things that last, heirloom pieces you plan to have forever will cost more… it’s just a fact.  Deals can be found, gifts can be received, that Picasso from the thrift store could happen, really.  Until then there are pieces that once integrated into a melange of furnishings read lux when intact they are CHEAP & CHIC.


Take this Honeycomb Gold Foil table lamp base for instance.  Sold out of most Target stores, it’s still available on-line… It’s $55.00, that’s cheap.  I’d pair it with a linen sofa, white side tables and splash around a few additional accents of gold. Voila!  You have a subtly 70’s glam vibe, that could be taken hippie chic or hollywood regency depending on the silhouette ‘s of your furniture and the colors/textures of your fabric choices.  And, this for $72.00 isn’t too bad either… I’d have preferred less of the patina.



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