January 26, 2014

Go get yourself some of these, pronto.  Don’t need em? Hoard em I say.  There will come a day when you find a dresser, or remodel a kitchen or buy a cheap pair of night stands that need a touch of glamour… well here it is.

knob10 knob9

This is the Antler Melody Knob from Anthropologie, isn’t it a knockout?  it’s $14 bucks.  Yeah $14.00, one four… I’ve paid more for a glass of wine. Heck that’s about the price of a latte these days isn’t it? It’s rustic modern, it’s cheap and chic, it’s vintage but fresh, it’s clean but interesting and it comes in every color you would need and none you don’t need.

knob1knob2knob3knob4knob5knob6 knob7 knob8

You know you want some: Anthropologie 


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